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  1. Maria Bayote

    Is this a Shih Tzu puppy?

    Pls let me know. Nevertheless, we will still love him, anyway.
  2. Maria Bayote

    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    This virus has now spread in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Reminds me of a zombie apocalypse! Not sure if you guys have seen the videos circulating around. This is serious. I hope this is contained soon. Be safe! Which countries have confirmed cases of new coronavirus?
  3. Maria Bayote

    My Cat Did not Recognize me Outside

    This morning one of my cats escaped without my husband noticing, as he left early for some appointment. When I woke up, Barley was not on the coffee table (its his favorite spot) but I assumed he was somewhere else in the house. I did a lot of house chores first and decided to go to the rooftop...
  4. Maria Bayote

    My Husband Calls Me Crazy :)

    Last night is the first night after many nights since we took in Oreo that I had a good sleep. Well, he actually bothered me once - but he slept right after I yelled at him. :lol: And Graham also did not attempt to break the new TV we replaced after she broke the first one. I should be...
  5. Maria Bayote

    Destructive Cat

    Last night I woke up from a loud crash. It was my new TV. And my 7month old Graham was the culprit. 😩 she climbed over and also messed up some of my husband’s stuff hidden at the back. i asked my husband to throw it away as it already has scratches and the monitor is also broken. We just had...
  6. Maria Bayote

    The heartbreaking status of Taal Volcano Horses

    As you may know my country is facing this imminent danger of Taal Volcano erupting any time soon. It is already at Level 4 and thousands of families living near the area have already been evacuated. But what about the horses used for tourism there? I cannot find any further info but based on...
  7. Maria Bayote


    Remember Oreo? I just want to share his photos to update you of this fella: Oreo when we were first seeing and feeding him outside our previous flat. He used to hide behind a water tank - probably to keep him ‘protected’ from other cats. He would just lay there for hours, too weak to move. His...
  8. Maria Bayote

    When to Vaccinate A Cat After Neutering

    I don't know if you guys remember Oreo, the street cat my husband and I have been helping and had Calici Virus. Anyways, yesterday since I was at work I asked a cousin of mine to bring him to the government vet for neutering. He recovered fast and well. This cat never ceases to amaze me. By...
  9. Maria Bayote

    Oreo Has Calici Virus! Please advice!

    I posted a thread before about this kitty we rescued off the street, and today my husband brought him to the vet. Turned out Oreo has CALICI VIRUS! Please can anyone tell me how serious is this as I have other cats that I cannot believe I have exposed to this virus! Oreo was allowed free access...
  10. Maria Bayote

    I Don’t know what to do.

    Just sharing. I have been seeing this kitty for days and been feeding it outside my door. Since I have a soft spot for tuxedo cats I took it inside the house as this morning I found it under a car and refusing to budge. I was afraid it would get run over. So now it is in my house but I am...
  11. Maria Bayote

    My Cats and My Depression

    I have been having very bad days; some days are too bad that anything makes me weep. Other times I just seem to not want to move at all, frozen in my own emotional turmoil. But anyway, as for my cats - they seem to follow me around the house lately all the time as if they can sense my...
  12. Maria Bayote

    Cannot Control Poop

    Since it is night time here and I would definitely give a ring or make an appointment with the vet by tomorrow, I am just concerned at this moment why my Barley seems to not being able to control his poop anymore. I have observed lately he poops all of a sudden anytime, anywhere. Even he seems...
  13. Maria Bayote

    Storm Coming To Japan Will Hit an Island Inhabited by Cats

    This is heartbreaking. ☹️
  14. Maria Bayote

    Black & White Cats Only

    My Pepsi ❤️ :) I would love to see your black & white kitties :)
  15. Maria Bayote

    The Face I Love

    I took her in from the street 3 years ago, and since then my love for her has grown into a size beyond measure. She “cries” when I am in physical pain. Otherwise, she swats me on the face when she demands something. Yet, I never get upset with her, not even once. Among my cats, she is my...
  16. Maria Bayote

    Concerned About My Graham

    Hey guys, not really an emergency, but I have below questions regarding my 5month old Graham: 1) I hastily adopted her from a local lady as she was overflowing with cats and did not know what to do with them, but did not discuss any further info about her (as to her cat parents, etc). I have no...
  17. Maria Bayote

    This Neighbor Took In Another Cat!!!

    I am so sorry. Just venting here, because I cannot contain my anger and frustration anymore. Please bear with me. :( I know some of you have read my other previous post about my neighbor who suddenly decided she did not want her 3 indoor cats inside her apartment anymore, and locked them all...
  18. Maria Bayote

    Sad News About Grandpa Mason

    I don't know if you are familiar with this guy, but this broke my heart today. I pray he finds eternal happiness and fields to run when he leaves this earth, and it is soon. :(
  19. Maria Bayote

    Lilac Or Blue?

    I am honestly colorblind so please bear with me. Can you tell me what color really is my Graham?
  20. Maria Bayote

    How To Tell This Lady I Can’t Take Care Of Her Cats Anymore

    I don’t know if this is the right thread. I have mentioned before about this neighbor who suddenly locked out her cats and are now hanging out at my front door 24/7 because I have been feeding them. This lady said she is still feeding them but have not actually seen her do it, so one time I...