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  1. mservant

    How does your cat let you know they want fed?

    Tonight Mouse excelled himself.     He came up with an entirely new way to tell me he wanted more food and wanted it now - and also how he wanted to be given it.   Some of you may already know but he has been getting a little tubby of late and has recently been put back on strict rations.  He...
  2. mservant

    52 Week money challenge 2014 : Week 52!!! How did we do?

    For those of us who remember, how ever vaguely, signing up to trying to save a bit of money this year (   ) I thought I would start a new thread to check out how we have all done, and how our year has been. I wasn't at all sure...
  3. mservant

    2014 news on the UK's best known Cat Burgler :-D

    I hope everyone is able to see this news link.       If any of you are local to this skilled kitty and have personal experience of his thieving ways feel free to tell us all about it! Enjoy.
  4. mservant

    I won a TCS bag in the review competition!!! :-D

    I NEVER win anything  but so far on TCS I've won a t shirt for a Paint thread lucky draw, and now a tote bag in the lucky draw reviewing competition!   Thank you @Anne  I'm super happy but I'm not so sure about Mouse, I decided to see if he'd fit in the bag today - as an excuse to take a...
  5. mservant

    Anyone for one of these coffees in Japan?

    A friend sent me this link today and I felt a need to share. It's hard to believe they are real, they look so amazing.  Has anyone seen anything like them before?
  6. mservant

    Cats and rabbits getting along - cute video.

    I may be one of the last people to see this videoin the Huffington Post but a friend just shared it with me and I can't get over how cute it is to watch.     Evidence that if  carefully introduced, rabbits and cats can get along very nicely, at least when supervised! ...
  7. mservant

    Quesion of the day Monday 23rd June

    My apologies if this is a bit late today. I agreed to cover this Monday's question of the day as not at work but then I managed to doze through most of it.   I am going through a bit of delayed spring cleaning phase at the moment and pulling stuff out of storage with the intention of thinning...
  8. mservant

    Nice news of a mewing muse :-D

    I hope everyone can see this link. it is a lovely news article I came across while checking out what had been going on in the world today:
  9. mservant

    Post pictures of your precious Blue / Gray / Maltese cats here!

    I have been enjoying looking at what seems to be a growing number of gray / blue cats here on TCS, whether they have a specific pedigree such as British or Russian Blue, or Korat, or have the all gray or mostly gray colouring known as Maltese. I have enjoyed viewing threads for black cats...
  10. mservant

    Cat instincts and the 'gifts' they bring us.

    I am no fan of mice when they are running about loose in my home, but thankfully don't have any particular fear of them as my boy finally passed that rite of passage to fully fledged proper cat last night.  Yes, Mouse caught his first mouse. He duly deposited it right next to my pillow and...
  11. mservant

    Saturday's Question of The Day 9th November

    Hello again.   Mani has asked me to cover for her again this week so I have had to exercise a few of my brain cells again and think of another question.  My biggest problem has been time to think.  I have had quite a busy week at work and by the time I got home in the evenings my head was quite...
  12. mservant

    Saturday's question of the day, 2nd November

    Question of the day Saturday 2nd November.                                                                                                As Mani is off on her yoga weekend, perhaps practicing those yoga positions Sundar has been demonstrating, I have been asked to cover today's question.    ...
  13. mservant

    Is DaBird addictive for cats?

    Having read so many positive posts about DaBird since coming on this site I finally decided to treat Mouse and ordered one last week (with replacement bird bits as I've seen photos in other posts).   It was expensive but I figured with so many positive comments DaBird was worth at try.  Well, it...
  14. mservant

    Does anyone else have a cat with a smooth tongue?

    This might seem weird but ever since I adopted Mouse when he was about 15 weeks old I noticed his tongue was quite smooth.  It's like he only has soft, short barbs so it feels more like a human tongue.  When he gives me little kisses or licks my hand it doesn't feel all raspy like it would with...
  15. mservant

    Looking to add food to TD kibble only diet - advice please

    Sorry about the long story but here we go....  I have a 2 1/2 yr old male neuter cat called Mouse. He's well acquainted with our vet and appears to be in good health, still likes to play lots, and likes his food and water.   BUT - he has been on a strict diet of TD kibble since he was about 9...