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  1. arlyn

    So, I got a new puppy.

    Jake and I had been discussing getting a companion for our 16 year old dog, and well, an offer fell into our lap that we couldn't refuse. A friend and neighbor had an oops litter (she was lied to about the dog being spayed), 8 pups! She found homes for all but one. We get pup for Bear and she...
  2. arlyn

    Help for a friend who's dogsitting

    Some friends were stuck caring for a third party's pittie while he's in Jail (could) be awhile. Dog is a very, very loving boy about 3 years old. Naturaly he's quite depressed at his owner's departure. Poor guy has no appetite (which should improve with time), he still eats people food. The...
  3. arlyn

    More pics of my baby boy

    More Brillo! AKA Mike Tyson Kitten (huge boy, teeny voice, but loves to talk) Keep in mind he is a kitten, 8 months old, almost as big as either of my girls, and will definitely dwarf them when he's grown.
  4. arlyn

    Finally some pics of my new boy

    Not easy getting good pictures of a very active cat, thankfully, a housefly had his attention in most of these. Here's Brillo!
  5. arlyn

    Sharing a product I just learned about

    I know a lot of you have dogs as well, though not sure if any of you deal with timidity or anxiety. I found this product and am seriously considering it for my dog who has terrible separation anxiety, and at 14 years, I do not want to resort to drugs if I can avoid it. They also have one for...
  6. arlyn

    For Spaz

    In April of 1994 I was sitting in the reception area of my vet's office in Seattle. A woman came in demanding to have a tiny kitten euthanized, she couldn't be bothered with her health issues. The receptionist talked her into releasing the kitten to the clinic instead. Overhearing all this, I...
  7. arlyn

    The new kitten

    Ok, well, I wanted to post his intro with pics, but my computer is toast, and my new cell phone won't transfer pics without bluetooth. So, our new boy is 6 months old and still intact (inlaws are paying for his neuter as a condition of us taking him). He is a long haired brown mackerel tabby...
  8. arlyn

    A lot can happen in a month.

    Father in law decided to stop paying for Internet, so we got cut off last month, shortly after losing Internet, Spaz passed away, just two months shy of her 18Th birthday. I'll post a memorial for her once my computer is set up. Jan 26 we were told we had to be moved by the first, not really...
  9. arlyn

    Annoying things

    I'm not talking about peeves here, I'm talking about things that really get on your nerves. I'm a very polite person, even to those who aren't polite, manners don't cost anything, and they are in unlimited supply. That's the number one thing that annoys me. A close second is people who don't...
  10. arlyn

    My old dog could use some vibes

    I just discovered yet another tumor on my old dog. The others do not concern me, he's had them for years and they have remained unchanged. Such is the way with labrador genes and being prone to fatty tumors and skin tags. This new one concerns me though, it's about the size of my fist, but...
  11. arlyn

    My parents could really use vibes

    Thoughts, prayers, anything. They've been trying to file bankruptcy, they live full time in their RV, have two properties they cannot sell that are a drain, and after both had very long professional careers, their 401Ks have vanished, like so many others. The bankruptcy trustee is convinced...
  12. arlyn

    Dinner last night

    I baked pesto covered chicken breasts and veggies last night, yum. Tonight I make homemade pumpkin soup from some sugar pumpkins I cooked down yesterday. DH is a great cook, and I've had a lot of fun over the last few months, teaching him new stuff. I've taught him how to make chili starting...
  13. arlyn

    For the Dr. Who fans...

    Check this out Tardis kitty condo
  14. arlyn


    Black cats are not the easiest to get good pics of, but when you do, they are stunning. Here's my lovely girl, Jade being herself.
  15. arlyn

    One of the coolest things about living out here

    It seems to be a veritable nexus of retirees and car clubs. Saw this beauty yesterday,trailer-ed and no doubt on its way to a show this weekend. Although I think the photographer is wrong, I'm fairly sure it's a 52 and not a 53. Regardless, you don't often see customized school buses. Over...
  16. arlyn

    Thank you Mod Squad

    You guys rock!
  17. arlyn

    If you've seen Two Lumps

    You know it and love it. If you haven't seen Two Lumps, you'll fall in love. Two Lumps is a web comic inspired by two Russian Blue brothers. The comic follows the antics of Eben (Raistlin) and Snooch (Caramon). The remaining of the two brothers (Raistlin) passed away today at the age of 14, he...
  18. arlyn

    Some help?

    Hubby has been wanting a little pet of his own for a while now. Last night I managed to catch a Mediterranean House Gecko, so we've got it housed in a 5 gallon terrarium setup, plan to removed fake plants and add live ones later. One of the few reptiles I will take from the wild as they are an...
  19. arlyn

    OMG *drool*

    Saw one of these on the road last night. One sexy looking vehicle (though not sexy enough to cover the $135K price tag) n2a motors Chevy 789
  20. arlyn

    RIP Jack La Lane

    Many people were so inspired by you.