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  1. foxxycat

    Honeybee is under the weather again- URI or?

    Well my sweet Bee is sick. It started wed, when I got home from work and Jon said she didn't leave her cat house in her room at that night I fed her baby food and syringed water. She had a big poop the day before and she was growly on her belly and figured it was gas. Honeybee I think...
  2. foxxycat

    Lilah the poophead kitty

    Well I have aquired a new kitty 4 weeks ago- Lilah is 9 years old, spayed. Up to date with her shots now. Blood work perfect. Health not too bad-she's overweight about 5 pounds BUT is a very active kitty. The problems in my home-Lilah is unable to cohabit with my resident cat Honeybee. The...
  3. foxxycat

    Honeybee Is Having Issues Pooping

    Well I should have posted sooner. Seems my girl seems to suffer from a type of IBS as she has to have medication or canned Pumpkin in order to defecate. Bit of background, Bee is 7 or 8 years old. All the time I've had her, she's had trouble with pooping but canned Pumpkin and or miralax with...
  4. foxxycat

    Netflix 13 Reasons Why

    Anyone watch this series on Netflix? I am in middle of Season 2. I know there's a season 3 coming out soon. Anyone else love this series? Kind of like Grey's Anatomy with the different relationships to follow. Thoughts?
  5. foxxycat

    Curious Kitties And Tomato Leaves

    Hi folks, Honeybees mom here. This week we had a scare with Bee being a bad girl. Bee is now 7? 8? 9? Unknown age. Tuesday night into Wednesday morning she kept waking us up every hour from midnight on to 4am. I didn't think anything about it because I was half asleep . At 4am I woke up and...
  6. foxxycat

    The ♥ Birthday ♥ Thread **2019**

    I am a few days late- Honeybee's "birthday" was this past Wednesday January 23rd. It's her gotcha day and she was 8 lbs then-not sure if she was still a kitten or full's been since 2013 That I have had her...can't believe all these years have creeped by!
  7. foxxycat

    My Pumps Who Loved Me So Much Is Now A Star In The Sky

    My sweet girl earned her wings last night around 5:30pm. There were things out of my control. I suspect that she had congestive heart failure and renal failure followed from the heart not being able to keep pumping. She was very weak and I mistakenly thought it was from not eating. at least...
  8. foxxycat

    My Turn With A Sick Cat Uri And Pumpkin Face

    Hi guys, I have been busy since Friday trying to get my girl to eat. She's been sneezy and stuffy and post nasal drip. A classic URI. We went to the vet Monday morning, got treatment of fluids, Cerenia, Mirtazapine and she was eating like a pig that day. Since then the meds are not working...
  9. foxxycat

    Blanket Photos Of Your Cats/dogs

    I figured we could start a thread for the rest of the pictures we have of our babies and their blankies. Honeybee sure loves hers. She sits and waits for me to spread her blanket out on my lap for her then crawls up. This one is a few years ago at the old place we rented...she was cold and...
  10. foxxycat

    Does Your Pets Catch Critters? Post Pictures!

    Yesterday I got a frantic text from Jon that Honeybee let a chipmunk loose in the house...hahaha. last night I got pictures of it under the refrigerator....I ordered a rat trap so we can catch n release him. I will stop at Home Depot after work to see if they have anything but the traps are...
  11. foxxycat

    Show Your Babies Eating Or Begging For Food!

    Here is the famous Honeybee begging for some raw pork. I always cut up a tiny piece of meat before I cook it. She's been meowing and twirling around my ankles since I have been running it under cool water to thaw it. Honeybee is the only cat I have had who likes raw meat. Pumps sniffed it and...
  12. foxxycat

    Psa For Winter Care For Cars/trucks

    Hi guys=for those of us in the solid ice cold snap=remember cold is hard on batteries. When you run the car=try to run it a full 30 minutes before shutting off=this allows battery to fully charge-and in this cold no one wants to be out in the cold with a dead car with no heat. It says for city...
  13. foxxycat

    Question Of The Day December 31 2017

    Good morning/afternoon kitty lovers! micknsnicks2mom asked me to post the Question of the Day as she's having computer issues. Ok a two part question. Since its end of the year I figured we can have that as the subject! On New Year's eve do you go out or stay in? If you stay in what are you...
  14. foxxycat

    How Is It A Picture Of Our Departed Loved Babies Make Us Cry So Much?

    Just had a strange thing happen-my girl Floey passed in July of 2016 and came across some pictures of us-and wow I tear up like a baby. Just wanted others to know this is normal. I was shocked how sometimes grief can strike out of nowhere. I really miss my Floey-she was a big maine coon grouchy...
  15. foxxycat

    Post Your Bickering Pet Photos

    Anyone have pets who fight or just bicker and poster?! Here's angel Flash and pumps Christmas morning of 2011 I think Flash is clearly calling pumps an :censored:! And the final round. Pumps never gave up her spot. :lol: This was at 5 in the morning..I slept on the couch and he slept on...
  16. foxxycat

    Post Your Outdoors Shots Of Your Cats/dogs/etc.

    Since Honeybee loves the woods.. This was in April 2013=her first spring with us-we got her fur clipped a bit because she came with knots all over. Honeybee and Floey had a staring contest Honeybee loves this strawberry bed-she spends quite a bit of time here..either rolling in the dirt...
  17. foxxycat

    Post Your Meowing Photos Of Your Kitkats!

    Honeybee giving me lip yesterday. She wanted down!
  18. foxxycat

    Pumpkin Face Older Now=more Problems.

    Well today we were supposed to get her dental done but the vet wouldn't preform the procedure due to wheezing. They took xrays and she has bronchitis. She is 14, arthritis, on the following: 2.5 mg pred daily since Late September 25 mg gabapentin once a night .10 ml of Adequan injections that...
  19. foxxycat

    Begging For Treats

    Do your kitties beg for treats?? Honeybee loves temptations treats. She will run anywhere I hold the treat. Up on the couch. Down across the floor. Up her cat tree. Etc. Etc!
  20. foxxycat

    Halloween/fall/thanksgiving Theme Kitties/doggies

    how about a thread with our babies during the fall months? The Late Flash-she laid here until trick o treaters came- she stayed here with the kids until one baby screamed KITTY and she shot off not to be seen until it settled down again. I got more photos got to dig them up