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  1. Mr. Meow

    Show Me Your Belly !!!

    It's been a while, but wanted to drop a picture of a kitten who looks like he's drunk on formula...and his tummy!
  2. Mr. Meow

    Recurring health issues with young cat

    It seems unusual that a vet would be relatively negative before blood work even comes back. I'd wait, as best you can, until the results come back and go from there. While I am not a vet, the antibiotics can cause diarrhea and it's unlikely that the probiotics would be enough to overcome that...
  3. Mr. Meow

    Ataxia and back leg issues

    I agree with @fionasmom While the symptoms of degenerative myelopathy are there, only a specialized vet can make that diagnosis. What stood out to me was that it took about 45 minutes for control to be regained. Typical ataxia can be a few days to a few weeks for symptoms to reverse (if at all)...
  4. Mr. Meow

    LONG body!

    Same reason people are tall, skinny, have blonde or brown hair, green eyes etc. It's all about genetics. One of her parents could have a gene that made them have a long body and passed it on.
  5. Mr. Meow

    How do you follow People?

    Can she take a screenshot of what she sees when clicking on a member? This is what I see when clicking on your name:
  6. Mr. Meow

    Gray cat breed

    Most cats aren't just one breed. Most likely she's a grey domestic shorthair, possibly a medium hair. Beautiful eyes, though.
  7. Mr. Meow

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    I'm sure "passed out from catnip" counts as sleeping:
  8. Mr. Meow

    Using prescription food with no prescription

    Also note that there's a difference between actual prescription food (one that a prescription is actually needed to purchase) and prescription-like foods, labeled with words like "science diet", "veterinary diet" or "*insert body part here* care". Prescription foods usually contain ingredients...
  9. Mr. Meow

    New here!

    This brought a tear to my eye. She looks like a baby version on my girl who I just lost a month ago. She's so cute! We're glad you're both here 🥰
  10. Mr. Meow

    Is this the end? Advice needed…

    The best answer can only be given by the person who knows Gus the You will notice his changes better than anyone. You'll know if he still seems like himself or if things are different. Trust yourself. Trust Gus. He'll show you when he's ready and because you know and love him so...
  11. Mr. Meow

    Happy Father's Day!

    Three legged best friends too?
  12. Mr. Meow

    Do you watch any weird YouTube videos?

    I always have subtitles on as well
  13. Mr. Meow

    Cat Food Deals Forum?

    50% off a 62" cat tree at Chewy, plus e-gift cards are 15% off!
  14. Mr. Meow

    Do you watch any weird YouTube videos?

    ASMR videos/audio
  15. Mr. Meow

    The 2021 Gardening Thread

    That's what I did today. Now to just cross my fingers and wait. 🤞
  16. Mr. Meow

    Happy Father's Day!

    Just wanted to say happy Father's Day to all the dads and cat dads out there!
  17. Mr. Meow

    The 2021 Gardening Thread

    Welp...the 2 tornado warnings and severe storms we had killed half my garden. So it looks like the storm might have killed all my corn, some of my cucumbers, some of the sun sugar tomato plants I started from seed, and it snapped a few flowering pieces off the pre-started sun sugars from the...
  18. Mr. Meow

    Removing loose hair without a brush

    Sometimes a simple sock on a hand works, especially if it smells like you 😊
  19. Mr. Meow

    My cat she's my kitten

    Time. Keep giving it time. I'd also add feeding/treats to the "line of sight" method. Once cats usually figure out that they'll still have food and water with another cat around, it'll help them calm down a bit.