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  1. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, October 15

    Hello Everyone! Happy Tuesday! If you could go back in time and meet or see a family member when they were 18 years old, who would it be? (They wouldn't be aware of who you are, of course) Gosh I feel like I have too many :lol: But first comes to mind would likely be my...
  2. cassiopea

    Question of The Day. Saturday October 12th

    Thankfully nothing too crazy! *Knock on wood* just blizzards/snowstorms/ice storms and one tiny earthquake.
  3. cassiopea

    Question of the Day, Friday, October 11

    Bijou, Phryne, Tintin, Tippy Toes, Meadow: OMG Hiiiiiiiiiiii :blush: :biggrin::catrub: Liffey and Morgana: Who dafooq are you 😐
  4. cassiopea

    Question Of The Day, Wednesday, October 9, 2019

    I guess it depends on the alleged ghost - a kindly quiet grandmother or child ghost who simply wants to peacefully watch over the household and be gentle with everyone inside or an evil spirit/demon/creepo/negative energy who wants to terrorize and torture you and everything you love? It's...
  5. cassiopea

    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, October 8

    Greetings Everyone! Happy Tuesday! Are you spontaneous/go with the flow or do you like to iron out the details in advance? 80% of the time I am a big planner :lol: I like being organized and smooth, knowing what to expect and research. Especially vacations or work for the dance...
  6. cassiopea

    Question Of The Day, Saturday 5th Of October.

    Thunderstorms, gentle rain, kitties, loons
  7. cassiopea

    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, October 1

    Greetings! Happy first day of October! You know what that means :biggrin: Alright time to get to business: What commercial convinced you NOT to buy the product they are pushing? It was the old beer commercials for me; for example, Cors Light and Stella Artois. Cors...
  8. cassiopea

    Which Smiley Describes How You Are Feeling Today? - 2019

    :read: :freak: :think:
  9. cassiopea

    What Name Does Your Cat Give You?

    My Devoted Plaything :thumbsup:
  10. cassiopea

    Before And After

    I found this little lady in the middle of the street, meowing, while on my way home from work - Infected eyes, fleas, stuffy nose, matted fur and overgrown nails that caused her to limp. So I picked her up on the spot, put her in my car and immediately took her to the vet. Long story short, she...
  11. cassiopea

    Question Of The Day, Wednesday, September 25lol

    Pretty much everything that North Korea currently has banned! Pads, birth control and tampons, Cable TV, foreign books, vacations outside the country, the fact that only high ranking men are allowed to own and drive a car, bibles, extremely limited hairstyles and clothes, even Mother's Day and...
  12. cassiopea

    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, September 24

    Hey Everyone! Happy Tuesday! :fallsmiley: What is the one thing you’d love to do, but don’t think you’ll ever do? The first thing that comes to mind for me is probably sky diving. I had actually planned to consider doing it this summer....but the local sky diving company recently...
  13. cassiopea

    I Did It!

    Huge congrats! :cheerleader::redheartpump::wavey:
  14. cassiopea

    Question Of The Day - Thursday 19 September

    May! :purplebutterfly:
  15. cassiopea

    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, September 17

    Greetings Everyone! Happy Tuesday! :catlove: What is a piece of advice you often give to others but find yourself struggling to follow? Being positive, I'm always seeing the positive side for others and being uplifting (Which I'm thankfully pretty good at and people around me find it...
  16. cassiopea

    Question Of The Day - Thursday 12 September

    First family pets as a whole during my existence were German Shepherds, Mounty and Otto. My father had his horse too named Garant, and my mom had a horse named Ginger. My first official pet that was my own was a Hamster called Hammy :biggrin:
  17. cassiopea

    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, September 10

    Greetings! Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is having a great one! :winkcat: If you had your own personal flag, what would be on it? For me, a couple profiles of kitties, a pair of pointe shoes, maybe some sort of hybrid design of Canada, Finland and Ireland in honour of my...