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  1. Neko-chan's mama


    I used one the first month after moving. Neko-chan settled in within 12hours. However, I can't be sure if it's because of the Feliway or her own personality. Neko-chan is a rather confident kitty.
  2. Neko-chan's mama

    Conflicting feelings.

    In addition to taking some soil, you could bury some of Isabel's ashes with CiCi.
  3. Neko-chan's mama

    My super sweet affectionate cat no longer cuddles with me

    Had he been to the vet recently? A friend's senior cat stopped asking for pets and it turned out she had arthritis. We guess petting was hurting her. She got medicine for her and she would lay with her again, but only accepted pets on top of her head.
  4. Neko-chan's mama

    Cat won’t tolerate collar

    Neko-chan never accepted a collar either. Is she microchipped? If not, a vet can do it in moments.
  5. Neko-chan's mama

    Bad habit

    Maybe you could get some of those motion sensor air cans and place them around your Windows and doors to scare the intruders away.
  6. Neko-chan's mama

    Ethical breeding

    I'm a bit confused as to why you think all shelter cats aren't good pets. Three out of the four cats I've had have been from shelters, and they were lovely pets. The shelter I got Neko-chan from frequently let the cats and kittens out of their cages and played with and handled them. I'm sure...
  7. Neko-chan's mama

    Cats sharing litterbox.

    If both boxes are being used, I'd leave it alone. If you take one away, you could find pee or poop where the litter box used to be.
  8. Neko-chan's mama

    Bad habit

    Is it possible that another cat is outside? Perhaps at night? She could be marking.
  9. Neko-chan's mama

    1 or 2

    Besides the space concerns (and it sounds fine) you should also think about the financial concerns of 2. Can you afford double the food, toys, litter and vet care? I got one because we wouldn't be able to afford 2 if something happened to one of our jobs or us.
  10. Neko-chan's mama

    My cat just chills?

    Has it been hot there? Neko-chan prefers to lay just near us when it's hot. When it's colder, she lays on us.
  11. Neko-chan's mama

    What ridiculous things do you say to your cat?

    Neko-chan doesn't like car rides. She cries the whole way to the vet, is quiet at the vet, and then cries the whole way home. She doesn't love the poking and prodding she gets at the vet, but associated the vet with the nice man who gives her treats there.
  12. Neko-chan's mama

    Beware of Facebook Cat Groups

    Neko-chan had never been outside, except in her carrier. She doesn't seem to suffer from it. She has toys, a bed, a tunnel, and three different sized climbers. She has a spot on our bed, 2 nice sized windows to look out of, and play time every day. She goes to the vet every year, her...
  13. Neko-chan's mama

    New self cleaning litter box with app feature

    I hate web sites like that. I might be interested if I knew how much it eas, but not once did it mention a price.
  14. Neko-chan's mama

    It Does End O.K. But Woman Throws Crated Cat Into Water

    I agree. What a waste of space that woman is. 😠😠
  15. Neko-chan's mama

    Unspoken rules

    I only have one cat right now (can't afford the pet rent for a second) but when I had two, if Precious was on the armchair and Felix wanted to lay there, Felix would jump on the arm and grunt at Precious until he moved over so they could share.
  16. Neko-chan's mama

    Anxious at playtime?

    Your boy is beautiful! Neko-chan sometimes does that too. I found she prefers a stuffed toy on the end of the string rather than a feather or something. I'm guessing it's more satisfying, more like a mouse. Try different lures on the end to find out what Toebean likes best.
  17. Neko-chan's mama

    Black cat names

    Not Radagast?
  18. Neko-chan's mama

    Black cat names

    I said if we adopted a solid black cat, I'd name him T'Challa from Black Panther.
  19. Neko-chan's mama

    How to motivate Terra the Cat to be active in her play?

    Drape your towel over it after your shower. That way it smells like you.
  20. Neko-chan's mama

    Finish the sentence: Living with a cat is like living with a...

    Toddler. I haven't had a peaceful pee in 2 years, sleeping in on my days off doesn't happen any more, and there are toys scattered around the living room.