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    How to handle - Injured feral

    I care for a feral / stray cat community of about 25 cats and have for years. As we all know, cats come and go. :( But I always seem to have my special few who I look out for and care about. The community is about 4? miles from my house. I took one of the injured ones in 5 years ago and mostly...
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    Need your thoughts please

    About where you think my cat might be.  I haven't been able to find her for almost 24 hours.  I am really upset about it - can't eat, can't sleep.  Sorry this is SO long. :( Emma is about 5 years old and was a totally indoor cat for the first 4 years.  At my boyfriend's absolute insistence we...
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    The most likely places?

    Where are the most likely places that my feral may hide when he's injured? I live in a small residential neighborhood with townhomes on both sides of the street for a block either way and an apartment complex behind me. Where would you look?
  4. J

    Where can I buy a trap?

    I'm finding I need to have a trap on hand in case of feral emergencies. Can anyone recommend one?
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    My feral

    I've posted about Oreo before. I've been feeding him for more than 2 years. He is SLIGHTLY less terrified of me than he used to be. But that's about it. He won't let me touch him. He does know his name. He comes faithfully to eat every evening, at least once in the night and just before...
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    How to support a cat's immune system?

    What are things I can do to support my cat's natural immune system?
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    My Feral

    I need your advice and ideas. I've been feeding a b&w tuxedo feral that comes to my back patio to eat every night. He is VERY AFRAID and very feral. I've been feeding him for at least 2 years and have named him Oreo. He has never let me touch him and just in the last couple of months has...
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    Help Please

    I've rescued and adopted 3 strays/ferals in the last couple of years. Also I've been feeding a beautiful black and white tuxedo feral cat for 2 years or so. I've named him Oreo and he knows his name. I've gradually gained a bit of his trust - tempting him with good food, treats, tuna juice...
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    HELP! I caught her

    I caught the injured stray in my earlier thread here She came in the house on her own but didn't want to be caught when I shut the door. When she stepped all the way in I closed the patio door and she was very very upset. I think she has a broken front leg or an absess or cut in her right...
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    How to catch an injured stray?

    I've been feeding a stray / feral cat for several months. She now eats treats when I'm holding the little paper plate and lets me pet her and rubs against my legs. She didn't come around for several days and I was worried about her. Tonight she showed up in the middle of the night and is...
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    How long after FELV+ cat

    My cat died of complications from FELV+ related illnesses. How long do I need to wait before bringing another kitty into my house?
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    Stray Cat and Kittens

    I need y'all's advice please. I've been feeding a family of stray (apparently) cats - it looks like a mom and 3 kittens. I woke up one morning the beginning of last week and looked out my patio door and there they were. The kittens were playing. They are almost all white except one kitten is...
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    Hurricane Leasing Program

    A friend on another board asked me to spread the word - There are many rental properties and apartment complexes in Dallas and the surrounding areas offering free rent for the hurricane victims. Others are offering short term leases without upcharges, deposits, job verification, etc. So if...
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    Frustrated - Sign in

    Why do I need to sign in to this board several times during one visit? I read a previous thread on signing in problems and have tried all the things listed there. I'm a very experienced computer user and belong to 6 or 8 other boards. This is the only board where I have the problem. I...