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  1. Neko-chan's mama

    Finish the sentence: Living with a cat is like living with a...

    Toddler. I haven't had a peaceful pee in 2 years, sleeping in on my days off doesn't happen any more, and there are toys scattered around the living room.
  2. Neko-chan's mama

    Cat bed woes

    Is there any way to get a cat to like a cat bed? I bought Neko-chan a bed, one that uses her body heat to keep her warm. I put in on her spot on the couch and she got and clawed at it until it fell to the floor then went to sleep. Tied other areas, same thing. I even tried putting her in it...
  3. Neko-chan's mama

    Meowing while showering

    My 1.5 year old cat has started sitting in the bathroom and meowing sadly while I shower. I haven't changed soaps or shampoo. This just started last week when I took a shower during rain. She's eating normally, litter box habits are the same, and still playful and cuddly. My husband jokes...
  4. Neko-chan's mama

    Eye allergy to cat

    So I saw my eye doctor yesterday and apparently I'm allergic to Neko-chan. She recommend drops as rehoming is not an option, she's a member of the family. Anyone have any advice on where to go from here?
  5. Neko-chan's mama

    Tiki cat dry food

    I feed Neko-chan both wet food and kibble. I'd like to switch her off of blue buffalo wilderness as I've heard that some healthy cats got sick and even died on it. She loves her tiki cat after dark and they have an all life stages kibble. Anyone else feed this or have recommended dry food...
  6. Neko-chan's mama

    You Melt My Heart

    What heart melting thing does your cat do? I purposely set my alarm clock early so I can hit the snooze twice. After the first, Neko-chan comes up from the foot of the bed to lay next to me and puts her little head on my cheek and purrs loud enough to wake the dead. I start every day with...
  7. Neko-chan's mama

    Catnip And Honeysuckle Question

    Neko-chan will be 6 months old in 2 weeks so I was all excited about trying out catnip with her but a friend who rescues cats and dogs told me to wait until she's a year. Is that true? Also, if she's not affected by the catnip, will honeysuckle toys be a good alternative or will she be...
  8. Neko-chan's mama

    Neko-chan Hunts Bugs

    My playful kitten will pounce on anything that moves. That includes any bugs that find their way into the apartment. Yesterday I found her playing with a cricket. She ate it before I could throw it out. Is this Ok? She likes her food so she's not hungry
  9. Neko-chan's mama

    Help!! Spay Onsie Help

    My kitten just got spayed this morning. After she got her paw caught in the plastic cone of shame and then kicked off the blow up donut I raced to the store for onesies. She's resting calmly wearing it right now, but how is she supposed to use the litter box?
  10. Neko-chan's mama

    Post Spay Worries

    Neko-chan is getting spayed next week and while I'm not worried about the spay itself I do have a few concern about the after care. First, she's use to play time every morning followed by breakfast and meows loudly if I'm not fast enough. Should I just skip playtime the morning of? Second...
  11. Neko-chan's mama

    Possible Abyssinian Background?

    I know my cat is a domestic shorthair, but I kind of wonder if she could have some Abyssinian background. She's got a ticked coat, alert expression, and is quite a climber. She scaled her 5.5 foot cat tree at only 11 weeks. Unlike an Abyssinian, she's very vocal and likes to chat with us...
  12. Neko-chan's mama

    Is The Cat You Have The One You Expected?

    For those of you who bought or adopted your cat, is it what you expected? When we went to the shelter, we were really looking for an adult cat. Kitten season was just beginning and we hoped to free up space for the kittens that would soon come in. Unfortunately, none of the adult cats clicked...
  13. Neko-chan's mama

    How Not To Compare New Kitty To Angel Kitty

    A bit of back story: November last year we adopted a 5 month old kitten from our local shelter. Our little guy chose us, he hopped in to my lap right away and started purring. When my husband held him, he snuggled in to his neck and purred. We had to leave to get a note from our landlord...
  14. Neko-chan's mama

    Rotating Between Two Brands?

    I'm currently feeding my cat blue buffalo and trying a few more brands. So far she seems to like tiki cat as well. I planned to rotate between two brands just in case one went under a recall so I knew she'd still have one she liked. But the lady at the pet store said it's bad to do that. My...
  15. Neko-chan's mama

    Newbie From Nj

    Hey all. Just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I'm s new cat mama. My little girl is 4 months old. My husband and I adopted her from the local shelter Memorial day weekend. Just hoping to find out more about cat care as it's been awhile since I've had a catThis is Neko-chan, taken...