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  1. chichismom

    Murphy has passed

    Last tues when I was home for lunch Murphy had a stroke or blood clot and died :( He was perfectly fine one minute waiting for his food, then he had a sneezing fit and went into like a seizure. I got him to the vet asap but it was to late. I am still in shock he was only 8 and very...
  2. chichismom

    Mr. Murf

    Murphy says long time no see Sorry I have'nt posted any pics in a while- here are some to make up for it in the garden last summer he's such a wierdo! hanging out with lil bro leave me alone mom!
  3. chichismom

    Presenting.... CHARLIE!!!!!

    Hi guys!!! Here is my baby Charlie he was a feral kitten someone at my job found at approx. 4 weeks old he was in bad shape- fleas, roundworms, coccidia and giardia well here he is from 4 weeks(late oct) to present... enjoy and last week
  4. chichismom

    Big storm brewing!!!!

    Well here we go again another nasty winter storm is heading our way (St. Louis) they are calling for significant ice accumulations as well as 8+ inches of snow. What an awful winter we are having- not just here either! I feel sooo bad for the east coast they've gotten slammed this year All I...
  5. chichismom

    Nueter after care question

    Hi guys! I just got my new addition Charlie nuetered last tuesday. Well... he just went #2 and left the box before he was all the way done so he got it on his leg and close to the incision site. I wiped him best I could- he is such a brat about holding still! I've looked at the area since then...
  6. chichismom

    Vet confusion

    Charlie had an appointment today to get his distemper shot. So while I was there I asked how long he should be on the antibiotics- he's on amoxicillin for his cold and another one to treat coccidia- the vet was like those two antibiotics work against each other then why was he put on both of...
  7. chichismom

    5 week old kitten-HELP!

    Hi everyone Sorry I have'nt been on in a while- been very busy lately Anyway.... So my boss comes in yesterday with a tiny skinny little black kitten. She said there are a bunch of strays around and one recently had kittens. She had been feeding the cats and decided to snatch the kitten...
  8. chichismom

    Hi eveyone!

    Hi ya'll its Marge Chichi's mom Its been such along time! I forgot my password! I've been thinking about you all so much I really really missed you guys Nothing much has been going on here. Murphy and I have been exploring around the backyard enjoying the spring weather. He says Hi to...
  9. chichismom

    R.I.P. Chichi~~~ sweet angel

    My dear friends, It is with an aching heart that I must tell you that I lost Chichi at approx. 10:30 this morning Her kidneys were shutting down, and I had to let her go in peace. It was so sudden~ just thursday she was her normal self eating and following me aroung, sitting behing my feet...
  10. chichismom

    Can you guys please send some job vibes my way?

    Hi I've applied at this pet spa just around the corner from me. They do pup-tography, grooming, and doggy day care. You guys! This would be the most awesome job ever! I have always wanted to work with animals and this is soooo close to home Please can you guys send some good luck vibes my...
  11. chichismom

    Bug-bite question?

    There is this sweet little gray and white girly who has been visiting me over the last month or so. I did'nt notice at first, but this morning she has quite a few bites on her little ears- mosquito I guess anyway, I was just wondering if there is anything I can put on her ears to give her some...
  12. chichismom


    Ok... So i went outside to try and snap some new hummingbird pics. I was pleasantly interrupted/surprised by a new visitor of the raptor variety I am still speechless and in awe. I can't even think of anything else to type except wow! He looked at me Red-tailed hawk I do believe...
  13. chichismom

    Can Chichi and I have some vibes please?

    About a week ago, Chichi was diagnosed with a UTI. She has had 2 shots of antibiotics that each lasted for 5 days. Well, yesterday was the 5th day on the last shot. This morning she was having potty issues again, which more than likely means it is back(never left?) I just made an appt for...
  14. chichismom

    Like hummers?

    No, not those big enormous gas guzzlers. Think way smaller, faster, and prettier Give up? These silly! I have been waiting for these little jewels all summer! I am so glad they have finally arrived. The first few weeks there was about 3 of them. After tryingto count them last...
  15. chichismom

    Murf goes outside

    Poor little boy was so jelous that Chichi got to go on so many trips last week. If he only knew they were to the vet so he has been practically living in the cat carrier in the hopes that one of these times, it will be his turn to go somewhere. So since he did'nt have an appt (thank God!)we...
  16. chichismom

    Chichi has blood in her urine

    Woke up this morning to Chichi straining to use the litter box. She tried for a minute, then hopped down. There was nothing, not even a drop of pee. Then I looked around the box and there was a small amount of urine outside the box with blood in it She is otherwise fine, eating and drinking...
  17. chichismom

    What an idiot!

    What an idiot I am! Sitting here chatting with you all, I totally forgot that I was making breakfast Well needless to say, my bagel is now toast- and not in the good way it was the last one too no breakfast for me today! can you say MORON!
  18. chichismom

    Poor birds :-( I need help guys- I found a baby

    What is going on this week with the birds? I went out just now to re-do their birdbath and the dogs were with me. Willy kept on spelling this one spot- I could'nt see anything. So I get down and look, its a baby birdie I have a strong feeling it belongs to the one I found dead out front...
  19. chichismom

    Saving Jenny

    What an afternoon! I was on my way home from the petstore, and I see this gorgeous Irish setter trotting down the street with no human in sight so of course I pulled over Setters have very long hair so I could'nt tell if she had a collar on or not, so I sat down and tried to get her to come to...
  20. chichismom

    OMG... my allergies are killing me!

    I know I'm not the only one! This is the worse they have been in years! They got so bad that I developed a double ear infection not good! Especially when you don't have med insurance well I just stopped taking the antibiotics for that last friday, and now it feels like my ears are messing up...