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  1. Aieko

    What Color Are Your Cat's Eyes?

    Echo and Jasper have the exact same eyes, but it's a bit..weird? Here are Jasper's eyes; Both of them have this ring of green around their pupil. Here is a picture of them together, and yes, Jasper is on my Walmart bag; You can't see Echo's eyes in this image as he was a bit scared of the...
  2. Aieko

    Safety Of The Kitties.

    I was wondering, is there any type of cleaner that is safe for cats? I don't wanna use bleach or something that has an extremely strong sent, although I do use bleach to clean their litter box. (Of course I do, the litter box is a very...'ew-ish' place.) Anyways, my cats are very healthy and so...
  3. Aieko

    Help! Kitten/pregnant Cat!

    Hello everyone, I’m desperate for help, I have two stray cats that come up to my house often, one is a chubby longhaired orange tabby, I think he’s a male. I have a small calico cat/kitten and I don’t know the gender. She/he is skinny and her/his nipples are huge. She/he also has a broken tail I...