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    Cat in heat got out today

    Thank you yes I’m to get her in on my pay day depending on availability of appointments that day but potentially it could be a few days later before they can book her in. So it could be between two to three weeks pregnant at the time of spay?
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    Cat in heat got out today

    My female in heat escaped outside today - not for long but she may have been naughty. I can’t afford to book her in for spaying until 20th of August when I get paid. If she has got pregnant she would be two weeks along by then would that prevent her from being spayed?
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    Cat pregnancy and pinking up

    This might seem like an odd question but it’s really one for fellow breeders…. One of my girls went in heat a couple of weeks ago. So I brought her to a stud cat on 9th July. Now she has been home over a week and her nipples have already pinked up. This seems a bit soon as she can’t be more...