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    4-month Old Kitten Help

    Anyway I have to go I have school *Sigh* I wins I could have more time with Leana :'( :(
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    Kitty Artifacts

    I dont have a picture, but my cat is my most precious artifact :DDDDD
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    The Which Is Worse Game

    2. Which is worse 1.Animal abuse 2.Child abuse. Before you answer, consider that Animals can't defend themselves and still love their owners.
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    The Name Game A-z

    S Saturo Iwata
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    Comment by 'kittencat123' in article '35 Signs That Your Cat May Be In Pain'

    My cat likes to be pet on the stomach. She is very active, pretty, and healthy. Is this just a quirk, or is something wrong?
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    4-month Old Kitten Help

    I just learned that she already is spayed and vaccinated.
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    4-month Old Kitten Help

    I got her at petsmart. we plan to spay her. Will her cute playfulness go away if we spay and vaccinate her? And why should she be spayed if we only have one cat?
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    4-month Old Kitten Help

    Uhh... I'm 13.
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    4-month Old Kitten Help

    Playfulness. My Grandfather is only mildly allergic, and he's out. She is an indoor cat, and sometimes we all go out as a family. I don't know if they spayed her, she's only 4-5 months.
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    4-month Old Kitten Help

    The hallway has one bathroom, two bedrooms, and the extra room.
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    4-month Old Kitten Help

    My kitten Princess "Leana" Marble keeps going in my grandparent's room. My grandfather is allergic to cats, and we have a dog. Sasha the dog tries to bite Leana's tail, because Sasha snaps her snout when she wants to play. How can I give the cat and the dog safe free roam of the house? We have a...