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    Feline fiasco

    Of all the cats I've known, only my newest cat has the nerve to do these things. It chases our hens (sending them shrieking), climbs onto the car after it has been washed (making his muddy footprints all over it) and sharpen his claws on the car tires. After these annoying habits, he has...
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    I have a male feral kitten. Very playful, friendly and affectionate. I am forced to keep him outside due to my parents "heath" concerns. If it was up to me, I would keep him inside. Why? Because another huge adult male feral picks on him almost everyday. Being a kitten, he can't defend himself...
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    Cat bit me

    My kitten loves to sit on my lap and sleep but today, it bit me. It was calmly rubbing its head on my hand when all of a sudden it bit me. My hand was just lying on my lap beside my kitten and for no reason at all ,it bit me. It shows no aggression to me otherwise. Any idea why my kitten bites me?
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    Hello! I'm new here and in a dilemma with three cats.    I am currently 14, living in a small house with my parents. They forbid me from bringing cats into the house so I have to keep my cat outside. I am very affectionate to cats and I feed every stray cat I come across (except males). I tamed...