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  1. halfpint

    Squeaky is indoors and liking it

    Aww shes adorable Bets, Congratulations
  2. halfpint

    Eponine has cancer

    Aww I am so sorry I have never even heard of that before. I hope Eponine Heals quickly and that it doesn't come back.
  3. halfpint

    I failed her

    I am so sorry Sam for your loss RIP Sweet Tales... Lots of Hugs Sam
  4. halfpint

    Goodbye, my big boy

    RIP Beautiful Boy Scully, Lots of Hugs E for you Matt & the other kitty's
  5. halfpint

    Has anyone taken the Boniva infusion

    Hey Kelly I know about the reading but I am also going to have to take something for Rheumatoid and some of the things are scarey, I don't think some people know what Arthritis can cause I have personal experience my sister has been on many of those drugs now for about 12 years 2 years ago they...
  6. halfpint

    Has anyone taken the Boniva infusion

    No Carol I can't take the pill I had an extensive surgery last July on my colon and had to have 31 units of blood plus they found ulcers Susan yes I have read the reviews and didn't care for what I read I will get the first one but if I get weird that will do it for me
  7. halfpint

    Has anyone taken the Boniva infusion

    I am looking for experiences with this drug for Osteoporosis. I am just before getting it done and I am not liking some of the things I read...Thanks in advance if anyone has had it or knows someone that has
  8. halfpint

    Jerry got me an early Easter present today... meet Emily!

    She's a doll baby Susie Congratulations
  9. halfpint

    Trixie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

    OMG Susie I am so very sorry RIP Sweet girl My Heart goes out to you Susie
  10. halfpint

    Your Christmas Wish List!

    Basically I am just hoping to get better I almost died back in July So I just want to get better and hope that everyone is doing really good. Can't think of a thing I want or need
  11. halfpint

    Rosie, Sophie and Jack

    Great Pics as always Susan He has really grown up
  12. halfpint

    My new friend

    Ah she definitely needs to move I am terrified of anything buggie
  13. halfpint

    Bad, bad rabbits!

    Looking at those faces I can't believe they would do that They are darling little bunnies
  14. halfpint

    Our EXOTIC furbabies

    Well heck I missed that Carmelo was sick I am so glad he's doing better and you know we have to be jealous of the great way you take care of and love those cats, I would give anything to hug that Carmelo Your pictures always show how much you guys Love them and that is just awesome
  15. halfpint

    Our EXOTIC furbabies

    Oh my Gosh I love her John she is just stunning, what a beauty you are so so lucky to have them in your life..
  16. halfpint

    2 new Kitties

    Thanks Everyone No More My Hubby said NO MORE
  17. halfpint

    2 new Kitties

    Well I am not saying how much of a sucka I am because I can't To many times I have been to the sucka dept way to many I have enough for 5 or 6 maybe 7 or I'd go a far as saying 8 people so I will just make that SUCKA huge
  18. halfpint

    2 new Kitties

    Yeah for sure Helen LQQK at Bitty shes got her own PINK cell phone Helen can you see if I have sucker stamped somewhere I keep taking that sign down out front " Eat Here" but it reappears
  19. halfpint

    2 new Kitties

    Hi Everyone I haven't been on much but I got a couple of new Kitty kats thought I would share First off there Gabby stupid neighbors moved and left him so me being the sucka I am thought let me feed him and he was not neutered so I took him had him fixed 2 weeks later he was very sick took him...