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  1. Mer.kitten

    My cat doesnt like it when i cough

    Make sure your sound is on. She makes these little spluttery complainy meows, its cute but at the same time, i dont complain when she ralphs up her breakfast on the rug, i'd appreciate no grumbling when i cough!
  2. Mer.kitten

    Kitties Being Brave!

    Honeybun is completely unafraid of the vaccuum. I wonder sometimes what her life was before me, or when she was a kitten, bc loud noises just dont phase her at all. Post Your Kitties being brave, but remember to make sure theyre safe :)
  3. Mer.kitten

    Halloween cats!

    Post your Halloween-themed cat pics! Cats with spideys, cats with witch hats, black cats, orange cats... any color cat if theres a spooky tie-in :) Here, a Halloween boop
  4. Mer.kitten

    Can you teach an adult cat new things?

    I got Honeybunny a few years ago, her age now is about 4. She doesnt like car rides, she does the pitiful meowing thing, ect. Luckily my vet is literalky 4 minutes from my house so its usually not a problem. BUT. Im moving in six months or so, which is going to entail flying from san francisco...
  5. Mer.kitten

    Ugh the most horrible thing just happened-alls fine now but...

    weve had a daddy long legs problem in my home office, so i bought glue traps for those and any other creepy crawlers (not mice). The bottom part of the desk has a cabinet and theres a couple inches clearance, height-wise, between it and the floor-and its about 2 feet wide, so months ago i slid 2...
  6. Mer.kitten

    show tonights fine dining for your feline

    i feel like every photo thread has bedn done, nothing wrong with that but i thougjt how about a look at what your kitty's eating tonight? Bonus if your cat is in frame-i tried but she apparently has a "no paparazzi at dinner" rule. I'll try again tmrw. Do name brand and flavor if you can-many...
  7. Mer.kitten

    High end, price-is-no-object, only the good stuff cat food

    any recs? Ive always gotten her the best i can afford, which has been grain free options from Petco. I also have tried Koha, which is available online only and is good. I can afford a better food now.. if one exists? What im looking for is something with no peas, no rice, no potato starch, no...
  8. Mer.kitten

    Meet Ollie!

    He's my moms new kitty :) her beloved cat Wilson passed away a few months ago and she finalky felt ready for a new kitty to love. He was shy and hiding for a few days but is now cuddling in her lap. Im going home to visit soon ( i live across country) and cant wait to see him! I'm trying to...
  9. Mer.kitten

    Write a poem in the voice of your kitty

    Inspired by Jack B's thread Life is Good where he writes a poem from his cat's perspective. Here's Honeybunny's first artistic work, would love to read other kitties'! I am a little Honeybun Thats what my mama coos Even though my kitty nails I sharpen on her shoes Its 5 am well dont you know...
  10. Mer.kitten

    Safe *ink* to get footprint?

    Id like to get Honeybunnys paw print tattooed on my wrist, but i dont know what i could use to get it - does anyone have any ideas? Obviously it needs to be something thats totally safe if she licks it offf since she'll let me wipe her feet but only quickly. Is food coloring ok for cats to...
  11. Mer.kitten

    The age old debate about letting your cat out

    So i follow a youtube channel called Lex & Cinnabon. Lex is a single guy in his 20s who lives in Michigan in his own home in the country. A couple years ago he noticed an orange cat on his property sometimes that looked a bit thin. He asked around and no one said it was their cat, he put out...
  12. Mer.kitten

    Ive NEVER had or even heard of a cat that did this-but mine does :)

    Was just cleaning up in the spare room and Honeybun was being nosey as usual so i HAD to finally get this on film. The video does not do justice to the vaccuum sound, its way louder in real life, super loud, and, well... just watch :) Honeybunny vs The Vaacuum
  13. Mer.kitten

    Am i the only one who does this with my cat?

    Using the 2nd bathroom next to the garage, pls excuse the dirty carpet. Evrrytime i go in there little black feets come poking under :lol:
  14. Mer.kitten

    What ridiculous things do you say to your cat?

    Sometimes I catch myself and I"m like... have I gone batty? :D "Look at that kitty. Woooow. Look at her. That's a nice one. That's a nice kitty I found." "Is that the mommy's kitty? huh? you are? you aaaaarre? Are you the mommy's kitty? huh?" "Want some breakfast? (or dinner)? Huh? are you...
  15. Mer.kitten

    Happy Gotcha Day Honeybunny!

    When i found you you were a lil worse for wear, and i was not looking for a pet... but i couldnt just leave you. So i took you home, thinking i'd find a shelter to take you to in the next few days. Two years later.... youre still here, keeping my pillow warm :) I went to give her scritches and...
  16. Mer.kitten

    Do You Say Hi And Bye To Your Cat?

    As a regular thing? When i leave i'd say i say bye 95% of the time-if ive realized im late and I'm in a hurry I might not. I give her a scritch behind the ears and say "ok i'll be back, be a good kitty", sometimes i'll say "don't take any wooden cat treats". But i always say hi to her when i...
  17. Mer.kitten

    Traumatizing To Take A Cat For A Bath At A Groomers?

    So my kitty Honeybun got fleas... shes been treated, but she has some flea dirt still. I'd like to bring her to the groomers but just the idea of her not knowing whats going on, being held in a sink and washed against her will... i dont want her to be upset/scared/traumatized. Legit fear, or am...
  18. Mer.kitten

    Does Your Cat Ever Meow Around The House For No Discernable Reason

    Came home and fed Honeybun... did some housework and sat down to work on my cosplay and i hear her in the bedroom: "row? Rrow? RRROWW? ROW!". I call "what is it Honeybun" and she stops a min, then trots into living room meowing more. I refresh her water dish and throw her a couple toys, all of...
  19. Mer.kitten

    So Last Night I Spilled Ice Cream All Over The Cat

    i got some Halo Top, which freezes hard so you need to microwave it for 20 seconds to soften it a little-well i over microwaved and there was an inch and a half of soupy ice cream on top. Carrying it in the bedroom the cat has the zoomies and sprints between my feet, i almost lose my balance...
  20. Mer.kitten

    Weird Dishes You Love: Pizza Eggs

    One of my favorite breakfasts is what i call "pizza eggs". Chop some green pepper and onion, sautee just til a little softened, add a little precooked sausage crumbles and half cup pizza sauce, sautee 1 more minute. Set aside. Cook 2 or 3 eggs sunny side up (or any wsy you like, i like sunny...