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  1. Pjg8r

    Making A Blind Kitten Comfortable

    i added two kittens to the family today. One has vision in one eye the other is completely blind (their eyes were enucleated in August for untreated infections). They are almost 4 months old. I currently have them in a large dog crate until I take them to the vet on Monday. When I begin to let...
  2. Pjg8r

    Possible Foster Fail

    I’ve been fostering an 8 year old cat for a few weeks to help out our shelter in Florida. I am traveling at the end of this week and have to take him back (my commitment was two weeks). I am considering adopting him and adding him to my other three. They have seen each other through a gap in the...
  3. Pjg8r

    Can Cats Get Sunburned Through Sliding Glass Doors?

    i had a large oak tree removed a few months ago. Now that the seasons are changing, the sun is coming through the sliding glass doors much more than in the past. My cats love to sit on the cat trees and watch the squirrels out the doors and I’ve noticed that this week the sun in really shining...
  4. Pjg8r

    Vermont Naturals Calming Treats

    Has anyone tried these? At the last vet visit I made the mistake of allowing them to take a fecal sample instead of bringing in a sample from the litter box. Alex was super stressed and I was thinking of trying calming treats before the next vet visit.
  5. Pjg8r

    Kitten Fearful After Using The Vacuum

    I vacuumed yesterday for the first time since bringing Indie home. Alex and Tyler don’t like it much, they just move room to room and are fine once I turn it off. As far as I know Indie stayed on the cat tree throughout the time. After putting the vacuum away, Indie stayed on the tree. When she...
  6. Pjg8r

    Breeds With This Shape Head

    Indie is about seven months old. I’ve not had a cat with this shape head before. Are there breeds that tend to have this shape?
  7. Pjg8r

    Uri With No Symptoms Except Rejecting Canned Food?

    i adopted a kitten about 9 days ago and of course she developed an URI. She is feeling much better and the vet is pleased. The vet also warned me Alex and Tyler were at risk of also catching it. The boys have no symptoms (no sneezing, nasal discharge, runny eyes, and they are still active) but...
  8. Pjg8r

    Meet Indie!

    Alex and Tyler have a new little sister Indie! She almost weighs as much as they do and she’s only seven months so she may be the big sister too. She’s been here four days and they are obviously all getting along really well.
  9. Pjg8r

    15 Months And Still Growing?

    Alex and Tyler are now 15 months old. I thought their appetites would be decreasing by now but there are days I can’t fill them up. They share 15 ounces of wet food a day (different grain free brands and I know some are higher calorie than others). The wet food is done over 4 feedings a day. Mid...
  10. Pjg8r

    Adopting Overweight Cat

    I’m considering adopting this two year old boy. He is over 20 pounds and it is not muscle. The rescue is working on getting some weight off him and his vet appointment did not discover any weight related illnesses yet. Since he’s so young do you all think we can avoid diseases from the weight...
  11. Pjg8r

    Kitten Coming For Temporary Visit

    My adult son broke his ankle (tripping over his Six month old spayed female kitten) and after surgery this week he and the kitten will be staying with me for ten days. Should we try to get Alex and Tyler (who are 14 month old neutered males) to meet her or just keep her in the bedroom for that...
  12. Pjg8r

    Freeze Dried Food- Does It Have To Be Rehydrated?

    i bought some Stella freeze dried nuggets today. Can I give them each a nugget as a snack dry or must this food be rehydrated? It would only be as a snack a few times a week. Their main food will continue to be canned.
  13. Pjg8r

    Capstar And Panting

    i had a sudden flea breakout and to treat it I gave Alex and Tyler Capstar today. I’ve used it years ago but never with these two. About an hour later Tyler started to pant heavily. The vet said that can be a side effect (compared it to the initial rush people get from nicotine) and follow up if...
  14. Pjg8r

    Discouraging Strays From Coming In The Yard

    These two have started showing up in my backyard. Alex and Tyler are not very happy about this. Are there any suggestions for things I can do to discourage the two black kitties from coming up on my deck? They have been closer than this but I didn’t get a picture of them. They show up most...
  15. Pjg8r

    Anyone’s Cat Had A Dislocated Jaw From Arthritis?

    my friend’s cat is 15 and dislocated his jaw a few weeks ago. The vet suspected some type of accident, they taped the jaw and the cat wore a cone and fed slurries. Two nights ago it dislocated again and the cat has now been diagnosed with arthritic changes to the joint and the recommended...
  16. Pjg8r

    Does Everyone Give Their Cats Treats?

    i love this forum! The more I read, the more it seems that many/most people give their cats treats on a regular basis. I’ve never really done that. If I need to hide a pill I might use a piece of cheese or meat but other than that they just get their cat food. Is there a reason to give treats...
  17. Pjg8r

    Alex And Tyler

    I somehow missed this forum! I’ve been reading and posting since September. Alex (the pointed one) and Tyler are siblings. They have grown so much since I brought them home in August. I’ve appreciated your answers to my questions so far. Happy New Year everyone.
  18. Pjg8r

    Kittens Appetite Less-how Much Wet Food Is Enough?

    Alex and Tyler are almost nine months old now. When they were younger they easily ate 10-12 ounces of wet food a day. Now it is more like 6-7. I’ve eliminated all kibble to see if they would eat a small mid day meal but they just seem to have settled on two meals a day. So, is that enough wet...
  19. Pjg8r

    Classic Or Mackerel?

    Tyler’s stripes on his legs are very defined, but they are more blotchy on his sides.
  20. Pjg8r

    How Many Ounces Of Canned Food Per Meal?

    I would like to try and transition my six month old kittens to twice a day canned meals by the end of November. I will be traveling in December and the pet sitter will only be coming by twice a day. I know she can leave some kibble for midday if necessary. They currently eat three times a day...