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  1. debbila

    Five vowels - A - Z

    I got this idea from the game show Jeopardy. Post a word in A -Z order, that has five vowels.Y can be included.
  2. debbila

    Noun, Adjective, Verb - A-Z

    Give a word that is all three, a noun, an adjective and a verb, in alphabetical order. They must all be spelled the same. Example: 1. Pet 2. Pet ( pet rat ) 3. Pet
  3. debbila

    Three Three

    In this game we'll make a set of two words having three letters each. I'll start with: Tea cup
  4. debbila

    Four, four

    I saw this on Jeopardy and thought it would be fun for us to do. Post a two word phrase, each of which has four letters. I'll start with: Game time
  5. debbila

    Begins and ends with A - Z

    This game is returning since we had fun with it before. Post a word that begins and ends with the same letter. Follow the last word posted alphabetically. Example: Last word was Mom. Next word can be Nun. I'll start with: America
  6. debbila

    Pandemic Songs

    Post a song lyric or title followed by due to the pandemic. One is the loneliest number, due to the pandemic.
  7. debbila

    A Likely Story!

    What happened to you or you saw happen, that's hard to believe? :rolleyes2: Yeah, yeah, SURE! :agree:
  8. debbila

    Halloween A - Z

    Post a word that pertains to Halloween, in alphabetical order.
  9. debbila

    Ending To Begining

    Make a sentence or phrase that begins with the last word of the previous post. Example: Previous post: We love cats and kittens. Next post: Kittens are so cute.
  10. debbila

    Only One

    Post a word with only one vowel that starts with the last letter of the previous post. We won't consider y as a vowel. I'll start with: Card
  11. debbila

    Rhyming Phrases

    In this game we'll either make up or use an existing set of words that make a rhyme. Examples: True blue ( existing ) Red thread ( made up )
  12. debbila

    Your Cat

    Using a word from the last post, make a sentence about your cat. If you use the word cat you must also use another word from the last post. I'll start My cat is eight years old.
  13. debbila

    A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To .........

    Has something funny happened to you or someone you know? Tell us about it, we need a few laughs now.
  14. debbila

    Animal Phrases - A - Z

    Give a word or phrase that contains the name of an animal in A to Z order. Example: A Anthill B Bee sting
  15. debbila

    Three Plus Syllables

    Make a word with three or more syllables, following in A - Z order.
  16. debbila

    Mary Likes Fruit

    In this game you need to figure out from previous posts what kind of fruit Mary likes. Then post the name of another fruit she likes. DON'T TELL THE SECRET, just post another fruit. I'll start with: Mary likes apples but not peaches. Mary likes bananas but not pears.
  17. debbila

    New Year's Eve/New Year's Day - A to Z

    In this game we'll post words associated with New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, starting with A and going alphabetically. First word: A - Auld lang syne
  18. debbila

    What Meal Did Your Parents Fix For You As A Child

    What meal or food did your parents fix for you when you were a child, that you later found out it was because you were poor or they were being thrifty? It can be something that you liked, or didn't like. Do you still like or dislike it? We weren't poor but mothers didn't work when I was growing...
  19. debbila


    Just like in the board game Scrabble, make a word by adding to the previous word, or using a letter in that word. Example: Previous word: Sleep New word: Sleeping or Pray Next: Prayed or Year
  20. debbila

    Cat Phrases

    Make a phrase or sentence about cats using a word from the previous post. Example: Felines are wonderful. Wonderful, wonderful cats!