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  1. catluvr321

    What could he be???

    For the picture, I meant Khao Manee.  NOT Khao MAUW! 
  2. catluvr321

    What could he be???

    He looks to me like a Khao Manee.  These cats can have two different eyes as you will see if you look up the name, but they can have the same colored eyes, like your cat does.  Here's a picture of a Khao Mauw: And here's some info on the Khao Manee:
  3. catluvr321

    How I found my Dream Cat

    Aw... Thanks for sharing this story with all of us!
  4. catluvr321

    Cat Hair Crafts

    That looks amazing!  If you get tons of comments on this post, maybe you could make a how-to post for it!  Maybe even more cat hair crafts, like cat hair mosaics! 
  5. catluvr321

    Hello we are new here!

    This is a forum with cat shelves...
  6. catluvr321

    Hello we are new here!

    Welcome to The Cat Site!  Your baby and cat are so cute!  I hope you enjoy it here!   
  7. catluvr321

    My Cat Won't Let Me Cut Her Nail!!!

    Maybe your cat will never let you do it. My cat has a special bond with me. Maybe your cat just doesn't have that with you. Maybe you could find someone who has a special bond with your cat.:catguy:
  8. My Black and White Cat...

    My Black and White Cat...

  9. Denice 1.png

    Denice 1.png

  10. catluvr321

    Jokes that I Made and Say Your Own!

    Share some cat jokes here! It will be lots of fun! Here are some of mine... Q. What do cats listen to on the radio? A. MEWsic! :clap: Q. What type of feedback do cats like to hear? A. PAWsitive feedback! :clap:
  11. catluvr321

    Question of the day - Thursday 11 August

    About 7:30 PM because I wake up at 5:00 AM. LOL!:lol3:
  12. catluvr321

    Help, my mom is set on declawing my cat

    I agree!  I cut my cat's nails and it makes a big difference!
  13. Winnie Opening Presents.JPG

    Winnie Opening Presents.JPG

  14. Winnie on Heat Vent 002.JPG

    Winnie on Heat Vent 002.JPG

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  16. Sleepy Cali.JPG

    Sleepy Cali.JPG

  17. Isabella, Buttons, and Zipper.jpg

    Isabella, Buttons, and Zipper.jpg

  18. WinnieLego (1).JPG

    WinnieLego (1).JPG

  19. Cali with LEGO City.JPG

    Cali with LEGO City.JPG