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  1. catwoman707

    IBD on to the next chapter, where do we go from here, part 2 - It's time to learn options/treatments

    In my last thread I mentioned Krissy slowly losing weight but remained her usual self. I don't think that is the case anymore, it appears to me that she may have lymphoma now.......ugh, those dreaded words. Without getting in to how I am tormented with this, can't sleep, etc I need to stick...
  2. catwoman707

    Gardeners-I just had a big disappointment after growing my own sunflower seeds...

    Well had 3 big amazing huge sunflowers that were baked last night and are just wonderful! BUT, most shells turned out to be empty!  Yep, maybe 1 out of every 5 have a seed, what the heck is up with that??!! Tried getting info through google, possibly lack of bees or water? Strange, so...
  3. catwoman707

    Anyone use human conditioner on their long haired cat?

    Strange question I'm sure, but really looking for a solution that will help my girl Simone with her fur matting. Simone is approx 16 or more yrs old and has CKD, hyperthyroidism and arthritis (which she is not on any meds for/arthritis) So she is not grooming as she once did, I never had...
  4. catwoman707

    Shelter workers, what is your shelter feeding the dogs and cats?

    I've been trying to get an idea of a good quality but affordable priced food for our shelter cats and dogs. Just would like to hear what other shelters feed theirs. Thanks!
  5. catwoman707

    IBD-on to the next chapter, where do we go from here?

    This is my first thread about Krissy, and her diagnosis of pancreatitis, intestinal inflammation, thickened bowel loops. Summed up, IBD with likely secondary pancreatitis. I...
  6. catwoman707

    Advisor needing advice! Both of my cats are not eating...........

    I feel like I must be missing something here. This started maybe a week ago, today it dawned on me, this is not only not getting better, it's getting worse. Both of my cats are not eating, they each have their own issues, and I thought it was just a coincidence, but now I'm not so sure. The...
  7. catwoman707

    Must see video of a cat given store bought flea med such as Hartz or Sargents

    Simply NOT ever worth saving a few bucks!!
  8. catwoman707

    Anyone with a hyperthyroid cat on methimazole?

    Simone just started on this med, in her ear. She has only had 3 doses, but today she is sleeping a ridiculously long time, like it's 2:30 now and she has been sleeping since right after she ate breakfast, about 9am. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this as a side effect? Thanks.
  9. catwoman707

    Why does my copy/paste function only work sometimes?

    Things like this I can't figure out...   I am a self taught computer user so please keep it simple! Thanks!
  10. catwoman707

    Seeking advice on alternative prescription foods

    I have been asked my advice/opinion for someone with 2 adult cats who have been eating prescription food, and it's costing them an arm and a leg. I am no expert at all with this so hoping some helpful peeps here might give me a hand. Thanks. Boogy had urinary crystals at about 9 or 10 months...
  11. catwoman707

    Can anyone tell me the name brand for the pre-cut nipples?

    How could I forget!! There is a brand of baby kitten bottles that are alot softer, with pre-cut nipples, does anyone happen to know what they are? Thanks!!
  12. catwoman707

    My senior cat has started dreaming when she sleeps..........

    Does anyone have knowledge of what this is about? I put it in the health forum because knowing cats the way I do, despite my lack of experience with old cats,  I think something might be up with her health. I realize it's time for a full blood panel to be done. Simone has been a picture of...
  13. catwoman707

    Dr. Kris's views and personal story on the use of metacam

    Very interesting read! I wholeheartedly agree too that there is too much googling going on, the info is scary and doesn't give the other side of things, or their rarity.
  14. catwoman707

    Very informative info from Dr. Kris on sub-q fluids
  15. catwoman707

    What's the temp where YOU live today?

    Today in mild weathered California it was a sunny 68 degrees :) Just had to share that with all of you who are bearing the storms and freezing cold weather! Been there, done that, hated it...........
  16. catwoman707

    Questions about making homemade cooked food for my IBD kitty

    I have just cooked ground turkey meat and am going to add in U-stew once it cools. But wondering first of all, if anyone has used U-stew here and whether it adds flavor somehow to the plain, boring flavorless meat since turkey is so blah. Salt? Bullion? I just don't want this to be like...
  17. catwoman707

    Disheartening chat with Krissy's vet regarding her IBD/Pancreatits

    Some of you already know of my thread My nearly 13 year old, chubby cat gf Krissy who has inflammed pancreas, intestines, lymph nodes with thickened bowel loops. The latest...
  18. catwoman707

    How do I find a holistic vet in my area?

    I asked the same question in my last post to the thread, My 12 year old chubby cat has suddenly lost her appetite, etc. In the definition of what a holistic vet is,  Holistic medicine is an umbrella term that includes such therapies as:  clinical nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic...
  19. catwoman707

    My 12 year old chubby cat has suddenly lost her appetite and is sleeping constantly

    This came on a couple days ago, Krissy, who is my avatar picture is 12 now, and her appetite has gone way down, and she is sleeping constantly. I can see she def. doesn't feel well, but wondering if older cats can get minor viruses as kittens do. This morning as she normally makes her backyard...
  20. catwoman707

    2 of my current foster babies are true abinos, I'm pretty worried........

    They are from a Siamese mix momma cat and an all white blue eyed father cat. I read that siamese cats are more likely to have albino babies. These 2 are pure white, very pink skin, and both have blue eyes but with a pink/red tint. They are about to turn 3 weeks old on Monday. One male, one...