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  1. di and bob

    A Wonderful End to a Tragic Story

    I want to share some wonderful news! We had a couple of cats show up at our new acreage last fall, they both turned out to be female and pregnant this spring. I was hoping they were boys.....they are very feral and run at the sight of you. One of the ferals was found dead in the cornfield next...
  2. di and bob

    My New Remodeled Kitchen

    Here are the pictures I promised to post on another post. ++ on this 1930's farmhouse. Hard work but worth it!
  3. di and bob

    Trapped feral and brought to new home, NOW WHAT?!

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me get my Stewart to adjust to his new home easier. We trapped him last night and took him to our new acreage where we released him into a 10x20 chicken wired run. He ran around for a few minutes trying to get out and then finally hid in one of the two huts I...
  4. di and bob

    Moving With A Feral and my FeLV Housecats, Tips?

    We are finally completing our 1930's farmhouse on 9 acres just outside of town, I can't wait for the peace and quiet of the countryside. Our current road is super busy and has been a source of heartache and never-ending noise. I have a live trap bought and plan on setting it out for my feral...
  5. di and bob

    Anything Good for Failing Lungs?

    I am heartbroken. My Dutch, 5 years old, has laboured breathing that at times gets really bad over time. A predinisone injection usually clears it up for months, but I noticed now the episodes are getting closer together. He always breathes rather fast, about twice the normal rate. He survived...
  6. di and bob

    Supplements For Respiratory Care?

    Has anyone found a good respiratory supplement/treatment for a 4 year old cat with respiratory difficulties? He almost died when he was a feral kitten, from either distemper that was killing many at the time, or a severe respiratory infection. We could never catch him to treat him until he...
  7. di and bob

    Need Advise On Spaying Cat In Heat

    I've been getting conflicting advise on the internet, I need advise from people who know on The Cat Site! A month ago a tired, emaciated little dilute calico showed up at our house to eat. I didn't want to take her in to be spayed in case she already had been (I should have known better!). Well...
  8. di and bob

    Why No More Recent Posts?

    It has been going on a week now that the column to the right that listed the most recent posts has been missing. I miss it! It takes too much time to go to each forum and see what is listed, I wish it could have been bigger, not taken away!
  9. di and bob

    What Did I Do Wrong?

    All at once I no longer have the most recent new threads on the right hand side of my home page. Did I cancel them out somehow? Or is everyone aware of it except me? Please help me get them back!
  10. di and bob

    How To Pill A Cat

    I read this years ago and thought I would bring it back up. enjoy! Frustrated in trying to pill your cat? Here is a little pilling humor to help keep your spirits up. Please DO NOT try these methods at home. :-) How To Pill a Cat Pick up cat and cradle it in the crook of your left...
  11. di and bob

    Finally, Pictures Of My Little Ones!

    Hey I learned how to post pictures today, here are some recent ones of the house cats, I love the one of 'chubby' Dutch waiting patiently in front of the oven door on Thanksgiving, "Is it ready yet?!"
  12. di and bob

    Anyone Use Sunscreen On Their Cats?

    My white Casper goes out in a fenced back yard frequently during the summer. He sunburned the edges of his ears so badly last year the hair no longer grows there. I had the vet look at it during a checkup and he suggested sunscreen when he goes out. Is there anything out there that lasts a long...
  13. di and bob

    Please Help With Loading Video!

    I just saw the most amazing video on YouTube, Agility Training mit Katz Suki, or Suki (the agility cat) 22 months, and think cat lovers would really LOVE watching this video. It is absolutely amazing what this cat can do! But I am SO computer illiterate, can someone find it and download it here...
  14. di and bob

    Please Don't Forget

    First of all, a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all at the Cat Site, and a happy, healthy New Year to all! But please try to remember there are those who are in incredible pain right now too, magnified by the happy, carefree time of the year for others. If at all possible, drop just a line to those who lose...
  15. di and bob

    Help! I Need Recipe For 'cherry Chips'!

    I make cherry mash bars every year for Christmas and can't find 'cherry chips' ( like chocolate chips but cherry flavored) Last year I couldn't either and a lady at Walmart told me to make my own. The problem is I can't remember how, almond bark or white chocolate chips, vanilla or almond...
  16. di and bob

    My Sweet Boy Burt

    He gave me seventeen years of happiness, this morning he gave me a broken heart. My sweet, sweet boy died this morning, at home, with both of us there and giving comfort. He quit eating entirely a couple of days ago, and with the huge mass in his abdomen it was very apparent why. He jumped up to...
  17. di and bob

    The Miracle Of A Steroid Injection

    Just wanted everyone to know about a small miracle. My 16 year old Burt had an allergic reaction to a tick bite and pulled out most of his hair all along his back, down to the skin. The vet gave him a long lasting steroid injection and within 48 hours all hair pulling had ceased, along with his...
  18. di and bob

    Just need to vent!

    There I was, all smug that I had finally gotten all my strays fixed, and my 'herd' stabilized, and now someone has dumped an elderly male at my doorstep.You can tell he has been out on his own for a while, his need for companionship is heartbreaking.  He is emaciated, filthy, and a lot of his...
  19. di and bob

    Pet Bed Warmer at fantastic price!

    One of my pet bed warmers quit last night, and I found a replacement at the best price I have ever seen, 11.99. These are so loved by all my cats, ferals and house cats alike. They are in use constantly, and I think the best present you could give to your cat, especially the older ones, and...
  20. di and bob

    Please give your experienced opinions!

    I would love to hear from all the people here on this wonderful site as to.....In your opinion, what is the BEST enzyme cleaner, and the BEST litter you have found to control odors in your house? I have wasted a lot of money on products that don't work at all, and know there has to be a solution...