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  1. furmonster mom

    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    Went to Costco this morning, and they were "enforcing" the mask requirement by having two tables set aside with people handing out free surgical masks to those who needed them for shopping. Honestly, though, it seems that most folks have finally gotten the message, because they weren't handing...
  2. furmonster mom

    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    I really think, as far as treatments go, they need to get a better handle on how this virus operates. If they can disrupt it's operation, that would seem to be a step in the right direction. Problem is, this thing has taken many different paths in it's destruction. It was first thought that...
  3. furmonster mom

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2020

    Scooby Doo Flintstones Star Blazers Speed Racer Marine Boy Pink Panther Bugs Bunny (and other Looney Toons) Tom & Jerry
  4. furmonster mom

    Polite ways to hang up the phone

    We have a few friends like that, and we've essentially done what Willowy says. Believe it or not, it works. lol One day, we had a mutual friend at the house when one of our chatty friends called. Hubby was friendly, but firm, and kept the call to 5 minutes. Our visiting friend was amazed...
  5. furmonster mom

    Is beef, lamb or pork liver ok

    I have used both beef and pork liver almost exclusively in my mixes for over a decade because most of the time I don't like/trust the chicken liver packaging or freshness. I also use beef and pork kidney, beef and pork heart, as well as pork brain.
  6. furmonster mom

    My cat won’t eat his raw food all of a sudden

    rotation rotation rotation :runaround:
  7. furmonster mom

    Starting homemade raw diet

    Miralax is a common quick remedy, but probably not great for long term. You can order psyllium online, which is what I had to do recently. Yeah... definitely stay away from the spiced/sweetened pumpkin. In lieu of plain canned pumpkin, maybe home steamed acorn squash? Also, the cats and milk...
  8. furmonster mom

    How On Earth Do You Get Your Cat to Eat Hairball Treatment???

    Motility issues are pretty common with older cats. Psyllium can help with motility. It has practically no taste, but it will "gum up" a little, so it's best to mix it well with the food to mitigate the texture. It will not interfere with protein levels. You can mix in as much as needed...
  9. furmonster mom

    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    Yes, Remdesivir has been a candidate for treatment for about a month, at least. They've just needed to run the necessary trials. According to what I read, the trial resulted in an 8% vs 11% "failure", which is only a 3% margin between the treated group vs the placebo group. It's encouraging...
  10. furmonster mom

    What's The Last Thing You Ate - 2020

    technically... pistachio ice cream (just a few bites) before that... steak... mmmmmm steeeeaaaak
  11. furmonster mom

    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    I'll give you a hint: I live in a very large international tourist destination city whose mayor just recently made a complete fool of herself on the news. Moved to this town 22 years ago when the population was about a third of what it is now. Cue all the BDSM shops getting flooded with...
  12. furmonster mom

    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    Went to the cultural markets today to get organ meats for my pet food recipes. The Asian market was metering people in/out and had a sign that said they would turn anyone away who was not wearing a mask. They take it seriously! Unfortunately, their aisles are very close, so it was difficult...
  13. furmonster mom

    Quarantine baking

    Do you let your dough rise a little, then punch it down before you shape it? I was taught to let the dough "pre rise" for 30 minutes, then "punch it down", let it rest a little more, then knead/shape, rise, bake.
  14. furmonster mom

    Quarantine baking

    Well, I am out of practice with my bread making. I've tried 3 sourdough breads that I used to make all the time, and they were fails. They just did not want to rise. hmph! I just fed my starter this morning, and it took 5.5 hrs for it to "get happy" and double up. I'll feed it again tonight...
  15. furmonster mom

    Starting homemade raw diet

    Long time raw feeder here... I started in '08, when Dr. Pierson was the primary go-to for recipes. Since then, several other respected vets and nutritionists have joined the ranks. I think this is why you see so many different philosophies and recipes. Also, some folks are limited by what is...
  16. furmonster mom

    How often to rotate proteins

    Our rotation basically is chicken every other day, and another meat in between. It's been working for a long time. Every household is different, so do what works. Rotations are always preferable, however you can manage them.
  17. furmonster mom

    How Important Are Eggs Yolks?

    According to Wiki... Yolks hold more than 90% of the calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, thiamine, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, and pantothenic acid of the egg. In addition, yolks cover all of the fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E, and K in the egg, as well as all of the essential fatty acids...
  18. furmonster mom

    What's For Dinner? - 2020

    I'm thinking chicken broccoli noodle thingy...
  19. furmonster mom

    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    My ship finally came in! After hitting Costco for 4 weeks, they finally had tp and baby wipes! Won't be for long, though, I only saw one palate of each. There are some retail businesses that I could see re-opening first, but gyms, salons, restaurants, and theatres... it's just too early.
  20. furmonster mom

    The Exercise Motivation Thread 2020

    wow, looking at that chart, I think I'm glad I steer clear of milk substitutes. They are very much lacking in other vitamins and nutrients. I don't drink a lot of milk, so I tend to buy half n half and dilute it with cold water. I do tend to eat other dairy products like yogurt and cottage...