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  1. Docs Mom

    Visiting kitty....??? Some type of wildcat ?

    Those ears ? That shortened tail with white.. However there are stripes not spots. She or he has been visiting lately, I leave some wet food out. Today is the first time I was able to get photos. Any ideas, or an extremely scruffy feral kitty ?? Thanks ! @basscat
  2. Docs Mom

    Just a picky kitties vent

    :angrycat::frustrated::frustrated::frustrated::frustrated::headshake: Just whining here.... My kitties have decided they don't LIKE what I am picking out for them.... Their current favorite is Farmina's Wild Boar with Apple. Its a great food, but I like to rotate their wet food. Just...
  3. Docs Mom

    It's Too Darn Hot !!! Kitty Ice Cream...

    It was 81 degrees at 1:30 AM ... This morning I took the Tiki Cat Mousse pouches and put them in the freezer for an hour or so. Wa la, squeeze out kitty ice cream !!!! Wildman (14 yrs) liked it, he's been battling stomatitis. So he is Mr. Toothless now... Anyone else have any frozen treat...
  4. Docs Mom

    Kitties Upgraded Their Spin-a-ball !

    The images were too big, but there were 3 in the tub and one on the side. The photo is Zoey, SHE put him in the tub. They were entertained for quite awhile. Meanwhile, I was waiting to take a bath....o_O Anyone else have kitties that upgrade their toys ?
  5. Docs Mom

    Nature's V. Instinct Lid Rabbit Color ?

    Is the kibble supposed to be this color ? It is our first bag of it... They aren't refusing it, nor does it smell bad. But their feces is black now, made me wonder. They also get a 3 oz. can of a variety of wet food a day. These 2 guys are my retired barn kids at 14 and 15 yrs. Inside...
  6. Docs Mom

    Q-tips Anyone ?

    As a off topic question, in the Cat proofing thread, I asked about q-tips as a toy. Roxie is obsessed with Q-tips. Carries them around and plays. I wouldn't say she intentionally eats the cotton, but it happens.... Any input ? Thanks
  7. Docs Mom

    What Is Your Cat's Favorite....

    What is your cat's favorite wellworn, chewed on toy ? I'll start, I got a new version of this stick & string toy :ohwell: for Stormy. Somehow it just wasn't as much fun as this one...
  8. Docs Mom

    Anti-carrageenan Petition To The Fda.

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this link before ... GUT WRENCHING! Tell FDA to remove carrageenan from all food and the NOSB to vote to remove it from organic food - Cornucopia Institute It contains a petition to remove CARRAGEENAN from pet AND human food. Also go around the site it...
  9. Docs Mom

    Bored Kitties Finding Fun....

    I found some things from the sink vanity drawer in the hall ??? Then I was in the shower & heard a strange clunk ! Then .... I caught the culprit Stormy.....
  10. Docs Mom

    Freeze dried minnows, bad for ckd cat ?

    I found these at Petsmart & decided to give them a try. Only Natural Pet Wild Minnows Cat. My Maggie with chronic kidney disease loves them. But I'd always read that fish was not good for ckd.... Any thoughts ?