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  1. kailie

    A new present!

    My precious, spoiled Dirty Dozen got a new present today. So far it's a big hit!
  2. kailie

    Don't judge a book by it's cover!

    WOW guys, this is a prime example of how you can't judge a book by it's cover. A guy just came to adopt little Josie, an 8 week old foster kitten who was born here in foster care. He has had her spoken for now since she was like 2 weeks old.  First of all, he's super young, 21 years old at the...
  3. kailie

    Nellie, #12

    I just realized I need to get some new pics of this girl as she has gained a LOT of weight since she came here to stay.
  4. kailie

    Long time no "talk"!

    Hi all!     I know, I know, I've been MIA for awhile. Life gets crazy when you have a full time job AND rescue/foster bunches of kitties! Had to take a step back from the forum for awhile after what I perceived to be a little too much negativity, but I MISSED many of you and I missed having a...
  5. kailie

    Pregnant foster no longer looks pregnant and stopped eating.

    Hi all! I haven't been around here in awhile as I am always insanely busy, but I have a situation I am hoping to get some insight into. As many of you know I have been fostering for years. We brought in a cat last week who was outside, left abandoned when her previous owners moved, and the new...
  6. kailie

    Eleven really IS heaven!

    Some pics of the kids I took this morning on my day off. Azizi Buster Cleopatra II Elliott Imhotep Lionel Pitre (LP) Nova Osiris Pria Shadey Teyah
  7. kailie

    Experiences with cats & amitriptyline?

    We brought Nova to the vet this morning for a spraying problem he's recently developed. We wanted to make sure he was checked all over and that no infection was present. Tests all came back good. We've always had Feliway going and have never had any problems like this with our kitties, however...
  8. kailie

    I got a second job! Bittersweet though...

    I am SO excited! I got a second job, this one part time at Pet Valu! I can't wait! Not only will I have some extra cash & a great pet food discount, but they offer online courses fully certifies for pet nutrition and will be offering other courses here shortly. All free for employees! Yes, with...
  9. kailie

    Good job Brianna!

    This was the VERY pregnant foster, Brianna, last night. And these are the results this morning! Barnaby Duncan Indira Violet
  10. kailie

    Why I foster...

    Here are some pics of current fosters who were in desperate need. Here are a couple new ones of Shadow. This girl was found with her collar caught underneath her arm pit. She was seen for 2 weeks before she was finally trapped and the collar was so totally embedded. She was in so much pain and...
  11. kailie

    Fosters Anastasia & Kittens

    We just picked these precious darlings up today from a woman in an abusive relationship who's boyfriend was threatening to kill them all. Yes, they're all named after the characters from the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. We have 5 boys and 1 girl. Mama Anastasia didn't like the flash, but...
  12. kailie

    An emotional roller coaster kind of Monday!

    Today started out VERY well! I got a call here at work from a woman from 97.3 the Wave (a local radio station) stating that I had been nominated as an unsung hero for my fostering work and that she had some things to drop off to me! Come to find out, Jill, a friend and coworker, sent in an...
  13. kailie

    We bought an aquarium!

         Yesterday we bought a used 35 gallon aquarium with everything included for a really great price! We've been wanting one for awhile and we couldn't pass up the deal. It came with a silver dollar tetra & an angelfish, both beautiful. We went out and bought 4 corydoras and a plecco.       The...
  14. kailie


           SO EXCITED! We just have to make it until 3:00PM this Thursday and then we are on vacation until the 29th. Normally we don't do much on our vacation because of the kitties, but I have guilt tripped Mom into taking care of litter box/food duty as well as giving Buster his insulin. We are...
  15. kailie

    A sweet surprise this morning!

    Literally! A friend at work who works the night shift, makes the most incredible chocolate lollipops, in different flavors and in the CUTEST shapes. She is an avid animal lover, and ofter makes them and donates them to me to sell to raise money for the organizations I foster for. She also...
  16. kailie

    Neurotic cat.

    Brianna, one of our current fosters, is a little nuts. We have her segregated in our room as we believe her to be pregnant. She still isn't really showing but she won't allow us to touch her stomach. She has also licked ALL of the fur off of her stomach and also down by the base of her tail &...
  17. kailie

    Theme songs for your kitties?

    So Dana kind of makes fun of me because I literally have "theme songs" for a few of the kitties! LOL Lionel Pitre, who is almost always called LP, his is "You are my L & a P and an L & a P, my L & a P and my L & a P. L & a P and an L & a P....OHHHHHHH you're my LLLLLL P!" Buster's is "Just...
  18. kailie

    Buster's glucose curve

    We dropped Buster, our old diabetic kitty, off at the vet this morning for his glucose curve, so they can check his blood sugars throughout the day to see if his insulin needs to be increased. He growled at me when I put him in the crate. It broke my heart because I don't want him to think he's...
  19. kailie

    Kittens, kittens and MORE foster kittens!

    It's that time of year again, kitten season! Here are some pics of our precious foster kittens. Kiara's babies are 4 weeks old today. They're still very small for their age, but otherwise seem to be doing well. The runt, Gracie. Magnus Wicker  Olivia These next 3 are...
  20. kailie

    Lazy Sunday

    Shadey & Buster showing how they relax on a lazy Sunday. (Well...everyday really...) Shadey Buster