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  1. misty8723

    Greenies Pill Pockets

    When Cricket had a UTI, I was able to easily give her the pills using Chicken Flavor pill pockets. She loved them. So I started giving her a bit just as a treat, every once in a while. I just bought a new bag from Chewy, opened it up last night, and it smelled awful, very strong, not like the...
  2. misty8723

    Drapes for traverse rods?

    I have room darkening drapes in the family room with foam backing. I've been hesitant to wash because of the foam, but the instruction say wash in cold/gentle cycle, tumble dry. So I took a chance yesterday and a lot of the foam melted and stuck together. So basically ruined :(.I really like...
  3. misty8723

    Can anyone tell me what these lab results mean?

    Two mornings ago, Austin wouldn't eat. I tried all of his favorite food, wet and dry. I tried treats. He wouldn't eat, and he seemed a little subdued. I called the vet and she wanted to see him. He's 3 years old, and she hadn't done blood tests on him prior to this. She did a thorough exam and...
  4. misty8723


    Can someone recommend a pesticide that won't harm cats?
  5. misty8723

    Palmetto Bugs

    My cousin lives in Florida and has an infestation of Plametto Bugs. Apparently, they are common in Florida, and they are actually large nasty cockroaches. She has tried numberous "natural" remedies to get of them, and nothing works. She is very hesitant to call an esterminator because she has 3...
  6. misty8723

    Anyone have any Medicare Advice?

    Last Monday I was told my position at work was being eliminated and my last day is April 2. This was not unexpected, I hung in there more years than I thought I would, and I'm not unhappy. I'm 70 and thinking about retirement for a long time, so now I get to leave with 10 weeks severance and...
  7. misty8723

    Any Crocheters?

    Asking for a friend: does anyone know if there are any patterns where you can crochet the border the same time you're crocheting the blanket? All the patterns we see have you add the border after. I have done this with knit, but I'm not too good at crochet. Seems like it could be done, but we...
  8. misty8723

    I need help - how do I keep Austin out of the kitchen when I'm cooking?

    This is fairlfy recent behavior, he's become very clingy when I"m in the kitchen. I could work around that, but he always wants to jump up on stuff and he won't get away from the front of the stove. And at least once I saw him getting ready to jump. It's so stressful I just told husband we are...
  9. misty8723

    Small Cabinet with Shelves?

    Hi All! I'm trying to help my sister find a small, relatively inexpensive, cabinet with shelves for her kitchen. It has to be something she doesn't have to put together. It's a very small kitchen, the space available is 25" I absolutely can't find anything that even remotely looks like it would...
  10. misty8723

    I need an explanation for this

    This morning I went upstairs for a minute and Austin started playing with a little mouse, carrying it around, chasing it, etc. All normal cat behaviorBut then he threw it in the litter box, got in and started digging like he was going to bury it, but then pulled it back out and tossed it around...
  11. misty8723

    SO Food

    The food I've been feeding Austin -Royal Canin Urinary SO Morsels in Gravy - is on back order and they have no idea when it might be available. He used to eat the pate, but wants no part of it now, so that's not an option. The vet did tell me it was fine to feed him Fancy Feast classic, so he's...
  12. misty8723

    Space Heaters?

    I'm looking for a space heater for my sister. Our 91 year old father lives with her, and she wants to get one to help keep him (and herself) warm over the winter. There are so many! I want to get one that's safe to use and can heat a small room. I'm thinking ceramic is the best option, but which...
  13. misty8723

    Cat toy that looks like yarn but is safe?

    I'm trying to get back into knitting, but Austin really wants the yarn. I have to be super vigilant when he is around because he will act like he's not paying attention then lunge for it. If I yell he backs off. But I'm just worried I'm going to slip up and he's going to get some. I was looking...
  14. misty8723

    Any knitters? I have a question

    I haven't done any knitting in quite a few years, but I've gotten the bug again. I had a half finished afghan that I put down because I made a mistake somewhere. I couldn't remember what it was, but I see that I'm supposed to have 266 stitches and only have 261. I tore one section out but didn't...
  15. misty8723

    Does anyone have any insight into this behavoir?

    At the rescue, they mentioned that Austin liked to "play in his water bowl." I had noticed that every time I went to visit him (while waiting for him to become adoptable) the towel in his cage was wet. So fast forward a couple years of living here, and he gets on kicks where he dumps the water...
  16. misty8723

    Recommendations for comfortable desk chair?

    When I bought my current desk chair, I didn't think I was going to be working from home on a permanent basis. The guy who sold it to me warned me it wasn't a good chair for sitting in for long stretches of time, but I figured that was okay because I wouldn't be using it all that often, and it...
  17. misty8723

    Recommendations for water fountain?

    I have two fountains upstairs, but downstairs I just have a bowl. Austin has a nasty habit of spilling the water from the bowl. Sometimes he does it, then stops for a while, then will do it again. I watched him today, he grabs the rim of the bowl in his teeth and pull on it, splashing water...
  18. misty8723

    Help...I've created a monster!

    Kind of a long story, but a long time ago with different cats I started feeding them where they were, not making them come to the food (wet food). That worked out well, but some time after we lost Swanie, Cricket decided she wanted to be a social eater. It didn't start out too bad, I would just...
  19. misty8723

    Meal Delivery Services

    Does anybody use any of the meal delivery services, where they provide the ingredients and you cook them? I'd like to try, but there are so many, I'm looking for recommendations on which ones are better. We do prefer food that's not highly seasoned.
  20. misty8723

    Computer Advice

    Has anyone bought a desktop computer lately? My husband is looking to replace his 10 year old Dell Inspiron and was going to buy a Dell XPS until we started reading reviews about how loud the fan is. From quick research, it looks like most of the major brands (Lenovo, HP, Asus) have that same...