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    A minute of your time, please? My friend Poppy passed away nearly two months ago now (jeeze, it's two months a week on Sunday!) from anaphylactic shock caused by an insect bite. She was just 19. Poppy was as selfless a person as you'd ever meet. Nothing was ever too much for her if it...
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    Should we sun cream them?

    Having two white mogs, we were advised way back when they were kittens to always try and sun cream up their ears and nose when they went out during the summer. Mogs had different ideas and would either just lick it off, or refuse to go outside with it on... So we gave up on that idea. Should we...
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    Oh, it's a hard life being a white kitty cat sometimes...

    I mean, there's all that posing you have to do! It's ok though, she can just sleep it off in the sunshine... Poppet, on the other hand, prefers to take a more direct approach to life - New box? Little white cat? I do think that makes an award winning combination! "Oh Mum, I think I might...
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    Getting stiff in her back legs

    My two kitties are knocking on a bit now (12 this June), and whilst Poppet is active and moves freely, Snowball seems to hobble a lot more now and often meows as she's jumping up to things - not the happy Brrrrp of her younger years, a proper ouch! sounding meow. She no longer likes her back...
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    Hey, back again

    This is my third intro thread I think? Oh dear! Hey, I'm HG90, last time I was here I was about to set off for the grand old world of university! Unfortunatly, life in it's true manner put a few spanners in the works and I dropped out a month or so ago. Lasted 5 months! In a nut shell, I hated...
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    OK, I feel a little stupid for this post, but it's been bothering me for a while now. Several times now, both my cats have been sat there... dropping off to sleep and then they start to twitch. Now, all their lives they've done the little twitchy paws as they sleep, running paws and stuff, but...
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    Cat IQ Test?

    I seem to remember ages ago there was a site floating around with a cat IQ test... I think I did it with my two and they both failed miserably Just a bit of fun, obviously. Does anyone know anything about it/have a link?
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    Highly Affectionate Kitty...

    No, unfortunatly it's not my two. :p We've been looking after our next door neighbours cat for the last couple of weeks whilst they're off on holiday (back on Thursday, boo. I want to keep her!) and it's amazing how different she is to my two - When my sister walked in the door last Monday...
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    Anyone want some doughnuts?

    She doesn't look very impressed, does she? I'm considering sending it to KK as an advertising photo
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    Weight control

    Both my cats seem to have issues with weight... Snowball is too fat (apparently) and when we recently took Poppet to the vets they told us they could hear a heart murmur and she was too thin. The vets told us to give Poppet wet food in addition to her normal food once a day, which we've been...
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    Anyone remember me?

    :o I haven't been around in like, a year. But I'm back For now, anyway. Still got my two bubs, Snowball and Poppet. Snowball is as fat as ever and loving life, she's a sweet darling but we think she's getting a bit stiff and grumpy in her old age (could it be the beginnings of arthritis...
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    The mogs went to the v-e-t yesterday

    For their annual jabs and check up. Not quite sure what to make of it... Poppet first. The vet said that she had lost a lot of weight (was 5.5*whatevers* three years ago, now is 4) which is either a good thing as we were trying to slim them down, or worrying as it's a lot to loose in a short...
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    So Stressed!

    Eurgh, my life is so stressful right now. I'm 17, so am in my last year of mainstream education - In 7 school months, that'll be it and I'm expected to go to university. But it's so hard making a decision, and deciding that it's the right one. Up until I got my AS results back in August, I...
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    A Few Arty Pics Of My Two

    Click them to make them bigger
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    How I Now Owe My Life To An Onion

    I made myself a toasted sandwich for lunch (for those who are interested, it's ham, cheese and onion, and I shouldn't have bothered with the onion.) and I nearly killed myself in the process. Well done me! Everything was fine until I came to take the toastie out - the sandwich maker had...
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    Back from Germany

    I returned from my German exchange yesterday, having had a fantastic time! I realllly enjoyed myself, the girl I stayed with was lovely (even though we weren't completly the same) and hopefully I improved my german a little! Best highlight was Europapark - Amazing rides, especially the Silver...
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    Returning Member

    Hey guys, I don't think I've used this forum for a while... Life just got ahead of me I guess. Anyways, I'm HG90, from the UK and I have two mogs, Snowball (fluffy and white) and Poppet (stupid and white :p). Snoz recently had a small virus thing so is recooperating from a few nights in the...
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    Ok, trying to put up some pics of my cats!

    *Prays* Ok, hopefully, below should be two pictures... one of a long haired white cat and one of a short hair. The long haired is Snowball (mine) and the short haired is Poppet (My sister's) though technically their just family cats.
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    Hi! I'm new!

    Hi! I'm Natalie, from the UK, and I have two white acts, one called Snowball (long haired, named by an 8 year old me!) and one called Poppett (short-haired, named by my sis!). They're both 6 (?) now, we got them from the same place and we *think* they may be half sisters... But they don't act...