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  1. kookycats

    Hello again

    Posted yesterday on new forum but wanted to get back to general thread. Kooky-cats....Lana....been off this site for a while. My husband passed away 18 mos ago., then I had surgery for breast cancer, chemo, radiation. Nightmare 2 years but I am doing better and taking one day at a time...
  2. kookycats

    Not really new but returning

    Haven't posted in a long time. Just to refresh: I am kooky-cats (Lana). Not sure if I posted but my husband Paul Passed away 18 mos ago. Been a nightmare. Right after I was diagnosed with breast canceer. Had partial mastectomy, did almost 6 mos of chemo and 33 radiations. Doing...
  3. kookycats

    Been Off Here For A While

    Haven't been on here for a while. I think all of you know that my husband passed away on Dec. 15. Been a tough and heartbreaking 8 mos. In addition, I was diagnosed with breast cancer (ductal cell), had a mastectomy on July 8 and am on a chemo program. Had 2 sessions so far, hair is...
  4. kookycats

    Celebration Of Life

    This past Saturday I had a Celebration of Life for my husband Paul, who passed away on 12/15. Just some friends who he loved and who loved him. It was so nice to have people over to honor him. I was ok when they were here but a mess after they left. It is so hard - nobody can...
  5. kookycats

    One Day At A Time

    Just trying to survive the death of my husband. It's so difficult. Going to a support group at Hospice and it should help. Having a Celebration of Life in his memory on Saturday with some friends. Aside from that I am just taking one day at a time. I wish I could wake up and find this...
  6. kookycats

    Sad News About My Husband

    Everything just too much for him. He is now at Hospice resting comfortably. Just matter of time now. Heartbreaking. He went thru so much but the end is near. Please keep Paul in your thoughts and prayers.
  7. kookycats

    Haven't Been Here In A While

    Just to catch up. My husband has been very very sick. He had triple bypass heart surgery in Oct. but due to his other health issues - kidney problems, etc. he has had a hard recovery. Right now he is a a rehab center, going very very slowly. I am so frightened. Today was a very bad day. He...
  8. kookycats

    Franny - Our Rescue

    Franny came to us right after our Angel crossed the Bridge. She's been here around 6 weeks or so and has come a long way from that terrified little kitty who wanted to kill me the first 2 days she was here. She was found dodging cars in a busy shopping center parking lot and spent time with...
  9. kookycats

    Charlie And The Pendant Lights

    He is determined to swing on the pendants. Have to get something to put there to block him. He sure looks mad, doesn't he. Stubborn little Russian Blue!
  10. kookycats

    Our Senior Girl - Tippytoes

    Tippytoes (who was a stray) - showed up at our house around 12 years ago. She is so content and happy. Such a pretty and mellow little girl. ay and came to us around 12 years ago) is enjoying her life.
  11. kookycats

    Charlie And Franny

    It's been around 4 weeks since Franny joined us, after my precious Angel went to Rainbow Bridge. She has come a long way from the frightened, hissing and spitting kitty. She and Charlie now share a bed (but they do have their fights). She is much more at home. No more parking lot...
  12. kookycats

    Charlie And The Lamp

    For some reason Charlie loves to sit with his head on the lamp. Maybe he feels the warmth and it is reassuring.
  13. kookycats

    Franny - Our Newest Addition

    I posted recently about our newest addition. Franny is adjusting and becoming so much more at home. Of course we still cry for our Angel, but are happy that we were able to save a life. Franny had been found living in a shopping center parking lot, dodging cars. Here she is relaxing on...
  14. kookycats

    Franny - Our Rescue

    Franny came to us after we had to say goodbye to our Angel. Although I thought it might be too soon, she needed us and it is a tribute to my Angel. She lived in a busy parking lot, dodging cars. It's been 4 weeks and she is now trusting us (not at first!). Does she look content now?
  15. kookycats

    Angel - My Rainbow Bridge Baby

    She went to Rainbow Bridge on June 14 at the age of 17. Came to us as a stray 15 years ago. Angel lived a wonderful life, was feisty and ornery until the day she left us. Angel's theme song was "My Way". All her life she did it her way. We will miss her forever. Here is my favorite...
  16. kookycats

    Our New Addition

    I think I posted that our precious Angel went to Rainbow Bridge on June 14. Miss her so very much. But I received a message from the lady who rescued our Charlie about an adult cat in need of a home. Found dodging cars in a busy parking lot. Although I thought it was a bit too soon we...
  17. kookycats

    Catching Up

    Been really bad about posting. Sad news is that our 17 year old Angel went to Rainbow Bridge on June 14. She had stopped eating and it turned out her kidneys shut down. She had a good life and we were heartbroken to say goodbye to her. But - I was contacted by someone I know (the lady...
  18. kookycats

    Just To Say "hi"

    Just want to take a minute to wish everyone a happy memorial day weekend. Haven't posted as much as I would like to, but hope to catch up. My husband Paul is doing well with the Merkel skin cancer. Still doing his treatments every 2 weeks. Doctor is very pleased. Kitties are doing well...
  19. kookycats

    Had A Scare With Angel

    Just to fill you on on our scare with Angel (she is around 16years old) A couple of weeks ago one morning I saw her eye was all red, half closed and her cheek was all puffy and swollen. Took her to the dr right away. His first reaction was "doesn't look good". He suspected it might be a...
  20. kookycats

    Hi Again

    Finally got back here. Computer died last week and just got a new one. Now getting used to it. all is well --- my husband's Merkel Skin Cancer is being treated and he is doing well. Last scan was clear- thanks to this new miracle immunotherapy treatment. On our way! Finally getting...