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  1. P+P's Meom

    Alfalfa supplementing / dose?

    I am going to start adding powdered alfalfa to Pitter's diet and need a starting point as far as dosage. (Mainly for inflammation due to pancreatitis + ibd, but also mild kidney disease) TIA
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    Glycerin suppositories??

    Are pediatric human suppositories safe for my 18# non-pooper? They're 1 gram of glycerin. TIA
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    Calculating Dry Matter

    How do I calculate DM in a home-made recipe that is 55% chicken and 45% water? TIA :lovecat:
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    Patter, new/different kind of seizure?

    {Current issue is below in red.} Patter was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was just over a year old. She's now 6.5yo. She's only ever had focal seizures, but they began lasting for over a minute and up to 10x a day by the time she was put on meds. They have been fairly well-controlled since...
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    Vitamin A supplement?

    Does anyone use a vitamin A supplement in their home-made food? There's so many brands, forms, strengths out there that I'm dizzy. My current recipe is a bit low on it and Pitter, Patter and I all HATE liver . . . 🤢 and they think eggs are disgusting as well. 🙄 :thanks: {I've been cooking for...
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    "staring seizures" / status epilepticus ????

    can "staring seizures" be considered status epilepticus if they're going on + on ??? ++++++++++++ Patter has epilepsy - [focal/repetitive motion] that was previously well- controlled w/ meds. Just saw her have a "staring seizure" for 1st time. 20/20 hindsight, she's been having them for weeks...
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    Patter Wants Nums!

    We have a big thick cushion on the couch. P+P love it cuz it brings us to almost eye to eye. Patter the Pretty was literally in my face! She's proud of me for finally figuring out what the heck she wants when she does that. She was quite pleased with herself as well! She's only just starting...
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    A Pitter Story

    Haven't been around as much as I'd like - ok - at all. Thought I'd make it up by sharing a Pitter story. Pitter is grounded for at least one of his lives, possibly more. He also has extra chores to do and must write a 3 page letter of apology to his little sister, Patter, for stressing her so...
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    What's With His Tongue Sticking Out?!

    Why is Pitter sitting by me with the tip of his tongue sticking out a bit? Have never seen him do this and it's creeping me out. :confused2: :yeah:
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    Potassium Supplement - Just Wondering . . .

    some back story: :hellosmiley: Last week, Pitter was diagnosed with hypokalemia and put on a potassium supplement. {One 468mg tablet a day - Potassium Gluconate - “RenaPlus”} I am wondering if that could be {at least...
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    ? About Asking For Financial Help

    Is it permissible to mention in a post that I also have a post on the Cat SOS forum? Or is that considered to be asking for financial help? My brain is arguing both ways, so I thought I'd ask first! Thanks!
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    Pitter Is Still Sick

    THIS POST IS NOT TO ASK FOR FINANCIAL HELP. I wrote a long post, but it got moved to sos forum. This is strictly updates on Pitter. ================== Pitter was doing really good until about the end of July, when his tummy started acting up. Just once in a while and not as bad as before, but...
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    Pitter + His Test Results - Part 4

    [Update from Pitter + His Tummy + His New Vet - Part 3] Pitter saw his new doctor on Monday and . . . . <drum roll please!> :celebrate: :celebrate: :celebrate: :celebrate: THERE'S _ NOT _ A _ DAMN _ THING _ WRONG _ WITH _ HIM!! [duh! i coulda told ya that!] After 2 weeks of getting alot...
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    Pitter + His Tummy + His New Vet - Part 3

    update of Part 2: Update About Finding A New Vet :) Pitter was s'posed to see his new vet today, but it had to be rescheduled for tomorrow. Turns out that it's a good thing. He was feeling pretty good today and said "Hey Meom, wanna see my butt?" and stuck it in my face before i could...
  15. P+P's Meom

    Part 2: Update About Finding A New Vet :)

    update of: Need Input : Interviewing Potential Vets OH NOOOOOOOO! I thought I'd posted this 10 days ago!! ACKKKKKKK Sooooo sorry to be so rude after all the help I've received! Pitter has been feeling a bit better this last week - not well - just not as miserable as he had been. [Ten days...
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    Need Input : Interviewing Potential Vets

    I need to find a new vet asap. [link to story below] Pitter, my 5yo, neutered tabby was just diagnosed with GI bleeding and kidney disease. I need to find a vet who won't treat me like an imbecile. There are 15 vets where I live, 13 that we haven't been to. I'm trying to figure out how to...
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    Part Two: Input On Diagnostic Testing For Tummy Troubles?

    ps. He managed ok without famotidine today. :) Still had simethicone tho.
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    Editing Post

    Is there an option to edit a post after you've made it? As careful as I try to be, I don't always catch typos until after I hit "send." Thanks!
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    Giving Purraise

    Is giving purraise the same as saying "thank you" and just generally acknowledging the reply?? I don't see a sepurrate option. :kitty:
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    Input On Diaignostic Testing For Tummy Troubles?

    This is long, but I'm asking for thoughts/input/advice so I'm trying to give as much info as I can. Pitter has having been having stomach problems - for months. Before you think I'm a bad Meom: I'm a stay-at-home cat meom, so P+P are truly spoiled. The only way I could give Pitter more...