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  1. therese

    My Lola Has Mammary Cancer

    Thank you for your kind sentiments, Antonio65....we both have Lola Angels now, looking over us.
  2. therese

    My Lola Has Mammary Cancer

    Its March 2020 and I have not be visiting this wonderful site as much as I wanted to ....but I wanted to let you guys know that my Lola died Jan. 2019, so with the chain masectomy and no chemo, she lived almost three years of total health, she ate well, was her bouncy happy self......then in the...
  3. therese

    Merlin Has Liquid Runs 2-3 Days Now- Any Ideas?

    Hi Meowmee ! I am not sure exactly what those tests are or how they would be different from what you are doing....just a suggestion to talk to your vet about and they might not even be relevant to your situation....I do know that on-going bad cat poop can be a nightmare. My kitty has had IBD...
  4. therese

    Comment by 'therese' in article 'How To Remove Cat Urine Odor From Your Home'

    Update: I found that the 'specialized cat version" of Natures Miracle actually didn't work as well as the old time, original Nature's Miracles...I found the original one, on Amazon, and I think it actually says its for DOGS, but this is my tried and true, all smells vanished much quicker and...
  5. therese

    Merlin Has Liquid Runs 2-3 Days Now- Any Ideas?

    I haven't read all the replies but I know that there are a couple of specialized tests you can have, you can have them send a G.I. Panel to Texas A & M. University veterinary...this will delve into all types of parasites and GI problems. Secondly, there is a test called " Ova-Parasites &...
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    Comment by 'therese' in article 'When To Spay Or Neuter A Cat?'

    You know, I had the spay when my Lola ( see photo ) was very young, and she STILL got cancer, granted, she was 15 but she still got mammary cancer....
  7. therese

    My Kitten is Looking Skinny

    I know that this post is from last year, but I too have a kitten right now, two months old, and she is on the Royal Canin wet and dry...she is quite thin and the vet had me bring a stool sample...she has coccidia, which is a kind of worm or parasite and she is on meds for this. So hopefully by...
  8. therese

    My Lola Has Mammary Cancer

    Hi guys...just to give an update...its two years later and my LOLA is still going strong ! Her tumor was very small and we had the chain masectomy...and we bring her back for checkups every two-three months. I have her on a good canned, grain free diet ( blue basics grain free turkey and...
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    My Lola Has Mammary Cancer

  10. therese

    Any Thoughts On This Food?

    Solid Gold is a very good food company. I would call the 800 number in the a.m. and get more info from the company, they can be very helpful to consumers. Quail and pumpkin sounds like something that would sooth gastric issues. But its a good company and I feed my cats Solid Gold canned...
  11. therese

    How Long Can It Take For A Cat To Give Birth?

    Hi Linda, sorry I can't be of more help, but maybe if you call a 24 hour emergency vet hospital, sometimes they can help you over the phone. I am not sure where you live, but in south Florida where I live, we have a couple in my immediate area. Sometimes they will answer a question over the...
  12. therese

    Comment by 'therese' in article 'How To Remove Cat Urine Odor From Your Home'

    I swear by Nature's Miracle Enzyme cleaners. Now they have one especially for cats ! You spray heavily on area ( or dump it on the area, depending how bad it is ) and within a day or two, its all gone, not covered up with perfume, but GONE. FOREVER. Just like a miracle.
  13. therese

    Vultures Won't Let Colony Eat

    Can you call your local wildlife rescue group, that deals with birds of prey, etc. and they might be able to give you some pointers. Not sure where you are located, but I know they are in every state in the U.S. Even if they aren't close by to you, they might be able to give you some advice.
  14. therese

    Shelter Cat With Poor Balance And Rapid Heart Rate

    That is a very good point...again, we need testing.
  15. therese

    Urgently Need Help For Diabetes Kitty

    I have a cat who is currently in remissions from diabetes and he also has IBD. The soft poop led us to give him dry WD science diet and then all that dry food led to diabetes. Fancy Feast, although not a great food, the canned version is good because its very low in carbs. You didn't mention...
  16. therese

    Shelter Cat With Poor Balance And Rapid Heart Rate

    I would try to take her to another vet...I sure understand the issue with money....I find that shelter vets tend to not think along the lines of a lot of testing, etc. and sometimes err on the side of being way to conservative in their approach, to keep costs down. And I agree, that you need...
  17. therese

    New Kitten...wondering Whats Going On With Her Tail

    It looks to me like it might be broken. A trip to the vet is in order. The tail leads to the spine and is very important, and kittens tend to bang themselves up playing sometimes, but it looks like it is a break. Keep us posted.
  18. therese

    Cat threw up comfortis. Should I give him another dose?

    I would NOT give him another dose.  Please call your vet on this because this stuff can be very dangerous if overdosed.  
  19. therese

    This is the most desperate I've been in my life

    So glad that at least you have a partial resolution....hopefully this will clear up and maybe they will suggest you continue giving your kitty something like Laxatone, weekly, to help with this in the future...still praying !