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  1. KarenKat

    Life’s Abundance Canned Food Supply Issues?

    Anyone here feed Life’s Abundance Canned food (dog or cat)? I went to go reorder some more and all of their canned food is temporarily unavailable. I contacted their customer service but likely won’t hear back until Tuesday with the holiday weekend. We feed Olive their food, and we are about...
  2. KarenKat

    Trying to convince the cats that we aren’t brooding chickens in the garage

    So about 8 weeks ago we bought some Buff Orpington chicks and they’ve been in the garage since. The cats are beginning to get wise even though we lie and tell them nothing is going on. I’d love to see their reaction, but I’m not prepared for the bloodbath lol. There are no chickens!
  3. KarenKat

    Kitty Battle Jacket!

    My brother’s GF’s cat, Sox, is getting a little older and gets cold easily. So my brother made him a battle jacket with all of Sox’s favorite bands on them. He’s so dapper!
  4. KarenKat

    Cat TV

    So I’ve tried putting various nature videos on for Olive, and she never seemed to care. She was a little wound up the other day so I tried an Amazon Prime series called “TV for Cats” which started out with HD video of blue jays. Well, it was a little too successful. The first bird call she...
  5. KarenKat

    Gohan has been very nervous lately - because of the snow?

    Gohan has always been a finicky cat, he gets nervous about various things but lately he has been wandering around and is very vocal and seems higher strung than normal. He’s not hiding much, but he’s acting like he does when we cook something that sizzles (like blackening meat). He seeks out...
  6. KarenKat

    Crown and Paw will turn your cat into a delightful renaissance painting

    So this arrived yesterday - I saw this advertised on Facebook and decided to get a picture of Gohan as a spooky Halloween villain. It definitely met all my expectations, and overall wasn’t super pricey. And it’s absolutely hilarious! He looks so handsome as Freddy Krueger.
  7. KarenKat

    Trouble With Chewy And Food Cartons

    So it took us forever to find a wet food Gohan will eat consistently ... but eventually we found he liked the Caru Stews. Bonus that the ingredients are human grade and it seems overall a really healthy choice. After switching over he put on some healthy weight (I think he’s developing a third...
  8. KarenKat

    I Thought I Was Buying A Cat Bed ...

    ... not a new best friend to replace me! I bought Olive one of those window perches and I installed it on Saturday. I don’t think she has left it for long this whole time. She’s been napping there, sleeping there, she jumps up and grooms there. It’s cute, and a little obsessive. And...
  9. KarenKat

    I Should Love These Hats So Much. Right!?

    This person makes hats for her cats using their shedded fur ... These Cats Have A Huge Collection Of Hats Made Out Of Their Shed Fur I’ll just leave this here ... :running:
  10. KarenKat

    Took Olive Outside On A Harness - For The First And Last Time

    We adopted Olive as an abandoned and very tame stray about 20 months ago. Her transition to indoor-only kitty (busy streets) went pretty remarkably. For the most part she was entirely happy indoors. When the windows were open, she would try and get out and actually succeeded 3 or 4 times...
  11. KarenKat

    New Introduction Milestone After 19 Months

    So November 2017 was when we brought Olive in. It’s been a long and stressful introduction to Gohan and Trin (RIP). Gohan chased her for the first couple months and was very territorial. Then he somewhat sequestered himself upstairs to avoid her. Over time they could be in the same room but...
  12. KarenKat

    Gohan Is Two-dimensional!

    and healthy! Promise. But he is soooo skinny we often joke that he only has one lung because how could you fit two in there! He eats, plays and does kitty pull-ups on cat furniture just fine. And we can feel a layer of fat over his ribs, so he’s not underweight. He weighs over 11 pounds...
  13. KarenKat

    Help With Stretching After Radically Underestimating My Softball Abilities

    So in a fit of foolishness to be sociable at my new job and to win back some of my youthful (intramural) glory I joined a softball league. After not exercising for a while, not playing softball in at least 4 years and moving 5,280 ft higher than I was used to. In a word, ouch. So I very much...
  14. KarenKat

    Post Eating Behavior

    So Gohan has been a kibble grazer his whole life. He maintained a perfect healthy weight by eating bites of kibble throughout the day. We would joke that he was eating enough to sustain himself for the next hour. Recently we switched him to wet food, and he eventually became used to eating...
  15. KarenKat

    Quit Doggin’ Me, Cat!

    Olive is a super food motivated piggy. Gohan is a finicky grazer. They finally both are on wet food but Gohan takes forever to finish. Olive is ready. The sweet girl would actually never steal food from anyone. But it doesn’t count as stealing if he gets distracted, right? Or if he...
  16. KarenKat

    Questions Starting Harness Training

    I decided to try and harness train Olive. She’s excited about the outside and I’m not thrilled about her being eaten by coyotes. I got an H harness for her, and I started exposing it to her with treats. After that I started putting it loose around her neck. She wasn’t a fan but - OH TREATS...
  17. KarenKat

    Colorado Bound: An Incredible Journey. Or Diary Of Moving Two Cats From California To Colorado

    My BF Randall and I have been in the Bay Area almost a decade, and we decided to move to Colorado for a change of pace. Super exciting but moving two cats halfway across the country is daunting! He’s moved from Florida to California before with two cats, so he has some practice. I thought I...
  18. KarenKat

    Rawz And Farmina Now At Petfoodexpress!

    So I stopped in at PetFoodExpress (SF Bay Area local pet store chain) and I saw they are selling the new shreds flavors from Rawz - both 3 oz and 5 oz cans! They do not carry the original pate flavors, unfortunately. Also Farmina, which I am interested to try. Just in time for me to move away...
  19. KarenKat

    Sf Bay Area Cat Sunny Needs A New Home!

    Hey, I have a friend who knows of a cat in need of a good home. His name is Sunny, he's a beautiful grey male cat in Martinez, CA. He is about 10-12 years old, neutered and healthy. I don't know all the details, and the story is one of those complicated and sad ones of a cat that seems to be...
  20. KarenKat

    A Tale Of Two (bread) Kitties

    Olive has infiltrated our hearts, and Gohan’s territory. Not dissimilar from the turmoil of the French Revolution, they bid against each other in a passive aggressive way only two adult cats can accomplish. “It is a far, far breader thing that I do, than I have ever breaded; it is a far...