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  1. TMcats

    Our dog had puppies this week!

    Our dog had puppies this week!
  2. TMcats

    Is she puking to much?

    Frances has been pucking like ever other day and I'm not sure why she's doing it. Is it just she's eating to much mice and just don't realize she's eating to much? Or is it something else? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  3. TMcats

    Can cat's over heat?

    It's been so hot this week and I'm wondering if Frances will over heat I've been putting her in the basement a lot cause it's really cold down there but I was just wondering if she'll over heat is that a thing?
  4. TMcats

    She keeps scratching her scab

    So Frances keeps scratching her scab and I'm not sure how she got it she's an indoor cat so no animal got to her and I notice it a day or two ago and I thought it would heal but it hasn't it's just gotten worse. Nothing like this has ever happened to her before and I'm kinda worried about her...
  5. TMcats

    Describe a movie only using emojis

    I found this game and thought it would be fun to try! so all you have to do it try to figure out what the other persons movie is then you can come up with one! So this is mine! 👗🐰🎩
  6. TMcats

    How many treats are too many?

    I'm just wondering how many cat treats are too many? I don't want to over treat her cause I don't want to make her sick or anything worse on the bag it's says like 10-12 treats a day but I think that's a lot for her any ideas? Thanks for any ideas!
  7. TMcats

    How did you chose your username?

    There's a lot of cool names on here and I was just wondering how did you chose it? was it your cats name or just a funny name you liked so your used that or a different story I'm really interested to see how you guys chose your username! I was on a different forum and I did not like my name I...
  8. TMcats

    New member here!

    Hi guys i'm new to this forum! i'm supper excited to be here! I have a cat her name is Frances she's a four year old maine coone that i love so much!