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  1. Merlin77

    Post Your Cute Cat Pics Here

    So many cute kitties! ** Here is Suki looking quizzical. And here is Raven. I find this picture very cute, because you can see that adorable white chin, as well as her fluffy chest!
  2. Merlin77

    What Makes A Friendly Cat?

    Indeed! I know some extremely friendly cats, and a few exceptionally grouchy ones.
  3. Merlin77

    Post Your Outdoors Shots Of Your Cats/dogs/etc.

    Oh my! Glad that she was okay. Luckily the tree Thor was in is pretty short, so he wasn't in much danger!
  4. Merlin77

    What Makes A Friendly Cat?

    Yesterday my cat met a friend: My cat: the little fluffy guy New cat: the ginger They meowed at each other and "talked" for a while. The ginger seemed inclined to jump down into our backyard, but didn't (probably wanted to keep a polite distance). What causes some cats to be "nice" to...
  5. Merlin77

    The Teeeeeth

    Here he is! Super floofy and crazy. Can't believe he used to weigh half a kilo!
  6. Merlin77

    The Teeeeeth

    Thor is around 6 months right now, we knew he was teething when he started drooling more and also biting EVERYTHING. He also had "double teeth" for a while, meaning his bottom two adult canines grew in before the baby teeth fell out. It's natures way of ensuring that kitties are never without...
  7. Merlin77

    The Teeeeeth

    So, Thor is going through ~phase~ and is losing his little baby teeth! Whether on the carpet or in your kittys' mouths, show off those scary teeth! (There isn't a thread for this already, I believe.....?)
  8. Merlin77

    How Looooooong Is Your Kitty?

    Loooong kitty
  9. Merlin77

    Let's See Your Kittens Or Young Cats.

    Thor, on my sunhat!
  10. Merlin77

    New Years Resolutions

    Im 2019, I want to focus on music (piano, violin and guitar) and my education. I'm self-teaching myself guitar, and it is a delight to work on! Hopefully this year I can take my violin and guitar exams. The past two years, I've earned the highest overall average award in my school, and I am...
  11. Merlin77

    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, January 1

    I predict it will be an awesome year!
  12. Merlin77

    Should I Fix My Male Or Female

    I don't want to go off topic or start an online war or anything, but I think some outdoor roaming can be beneficial (granted that it's safe, such as on a private acreage.) Snake, my cat, prefers roaming around. She'd wither if she was kept inside. Disclaimer: I'd never let a cat roam in a city...
  13. Merlin77

    Dental Care

    Thanks for the feedback!
  14. Merlin77

    Dental Care

    Ah, this clears things up. Thank you!
  15. Merlin77

    Dental Care

    I wasn't sure whether I should post this here or in the General Cat Care forum, but I figure dental care is closely tied to food. Thor, my cat, is just over five months old. He is just entering puberty, and I guess he'll be getting his adult teeth soon (I read that it happens at around 6...
  16. Merlin77

    Name A Song That Mentions The Weather

    Ride the Wild Wind - Queen
  17. Merlin77

    Name A Song That Mentions The Weather

    Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra The Miracle - Queen (has a few lines about weather)
  18. Merlin77

    Thread Devoted To Sharing Your Favorite Albums And Songs - 2018

    Queen- The Lily of the Valley Man those guys actually made music!