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    Feral or domesticated for price of surgery

    Someone I know has trapped kittens who are not scheduled to be TNR'd till 9/9 but she didn't want them to disappear as the mama and a sibling have done. She does not want to keep them but is trying to find homes for them and they are becoming socialized. I think she will release them if no homes...
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    Separate kittens or keep with mama

    A feral mama and 5 kittens around 6 weeks old were trapped. Mama had surgery 2 days ago and the rescue org instructed not to keep kittens with mama as they are being socialized and have adoptees waiting. They bsaid kittens will become more feral. They are on different floors of home in their own...
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    What time of day is best to start trapping?

    I have to drive 1 1/2 hours to the low cost clinic for surgery and have to be there by 9am so have to trap the day before. I usually start trapping around 4pm but at 75 years old I have difficulty driving when it is dark. I bring the cats to my garage, feed them till midnight, remove water when...
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    Feral cat spraying on friend's front door. What can I suggest to her as a repellant?

    We live in the mountains of NE Pa and I have in the past tried a coyote urine spray which my ferals meandered across without batting an eye. I have deodorizers I can give her but really don't know what to suggest to stop the behavior. She has been caring for a feral who has just invited 2...
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    I Have 22 Cats, What To Pay Sitter?

    I do T/N/R and have not been able to release some cats due to some not feral, injured or too young when mama died. So I have ended up with 22 cats; most can be touched but a number are semi to completely feral. Any info online concerning paying a cat sitter is not truly helpful to me as I have...
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    Another Kitten: Advice/opinions

    I have 22 cats/kittens in my above ground finished basement. One new kitten is from a litter of 4 survivors. S/he fits in through the dog kennel which is how she came in when separated from her mama and litter mates and she comes in when rest of them come in for the night. Mama has not been...
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    Suggestions Please On Integrating 2 Groups Of Indoor Strays/ferals.

    Over the past 7 years of trapping I have caught some strays and for one reason or another have not been able to release some feral kittens. I therefore have 2 groups of cats situated in two different parts of house. One group of 10 are on first floor which is an above ground finished basement...
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    Wellness Core Dry Dog Food ? For Ferals ?

    In looking at ingredients for the turkey and chicken flavor, it includes taurine. Just wondering if I can mix it with some cheaper cat food to extend it. Feeding 30 ferals and I can get a bag of this food on sale today for my dogs and thought maybe I can share it with the cats as better...
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    Rubber Gloves When Touching Trap?

    I was just advised today to wear rubber gloves when handling traps and food so ferals don't smell human. I have never heard nor read this anywhere. Is this advised?
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    Dog Food For Cats If I Add Taurine?

    I feed almost 35 ferals and have had to cut down the daily feeding, getting too expensive. Bought taurine and am wondering if I add it to the less expensive large cans of dog food, can I feed it to the cats on occasion? I use dry cat food and a friend gives me leftover chicken when the...
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    How long can you keep a feral in crate for surgery?

    Finally trapped a cat after numerous tries. Due to tomorrow's weather, the low cost neutering organization has cancelled coming with the spay mobile. She is in humane trap at present, I want to transfer her to a large dog crate till Monday, 4 days, till I may be able to reschedule. Or should I...
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    Post spay large hernia, how dangerous?

    One of the feral kittens I TNR'd had a small hernia at incision site post op. It is now 3x the original size. She has become a bit domesticated but doubt would be amenable to vet visit. Does she need surgery? Karen
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    Advice on soon to be abandoned ferals

    In my "hobby" of TNRing ferals in my community, I have become acquainted with a couple who have been feeding a colony that live on and around their deck. I have TNR'd all of them and feed them when the couple are away a few days. They have just sold the house and the new owners want the cats...
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    Thinking of feeding ferals fewer days per week.

    I do TNR in my community and also feed 3 colonies every day. I sometimes feel it is not a good idea for them to rely on me for their food. I shall be 70 years old next month and have no one to take care of the cats when I die. I am in relatively good health, will need both knees replaced this...
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    Advice on keeping eal kittens confined for2 weeks.

    Have trapped 4 kittens but bought wormer from organization doing  the surgery. Second dose is to be administered in 2 weeks time, do I keep them in small dog crates for the duration or just release them and add med to food I leave for them. No way to ascertain they get correct dose either way...
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    Trapping feral kittens, keep or return

    I  perform TNR in my community, have done over 170 cats since I started this program in 2011. I shall be trapping some kittens and the mama. I already have 13 cats and have run out of people to take any kittens but I hate the thought of returning the kittens outside after they get sterilized. I...
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    chain link dog kennel

    Would a dog kennel keep cats contained? I am thinking the metal chain link enclosures. Or would cats just naturally want to climb it? We have one but should we line it with special kitty netting?  Karen
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    Suggestions on next approah to woman abandoning ferals.

    I TNR in my mountain community. Last year I was contacted by a woman to trap some ferals she had been caring for living under her porch stairs. 3 adults  and a litter of 3 kittens.  In Dec the woman passed away and I cared for the cats twice at the request of her partner when she was going to...
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    How to treat huge wound o ferals back?

    Occaisionally I feed someone's colony when she goes away a few days.  This time she asked me to look at a wound on the back of one. I saw it, HUGE but does not look infected. Appears something tried to eat it, we have coyotes, foxes, raccoons galore. The shin/fur is not attached, with huge...
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    Most cost effective wet food?

    I am feeding 25 cats every day; feral colony and previously trapped feral kittens and strays that couldn't be released. I have read on Dr Lisa Pierson's site that the worst wet food is better than dry so I buy Tractor Supply's  Paws and Claws at 69 cents for 13oz can, Walmart brand and leftover...