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  1. LAL

    If your cat magically grew 5x it's size, would it want to kill you?

    I'd go broke trying to feed her; when the food ran out, she'd have to eat me to survive. So, yes, she'd kill me.
  2. LAL

    names for my new kitten!

  3. LAL

    Name for our little foster

  4. LAL

    Contest Picture of the Month: August - *Cats in Strange Places*

    Curled up in a POT plant? Maybe illegal depending upon where you are 😎
  5. LAL

    Neighbour's cat…

    Can you take pictures of the cat peacefully sleeping and send them along?
  6. LAL

    Help? Bruised maybe Blister/infect paw pad?

    Could it have been some kind of insect bite or sting? Cat steps, bug bites, toxin injected?
  7. LAL

    Cat toy FAILURES!

    Can we get Chewy to just send boxes of crumpled packing paper? :please:
  8. LAL

    Help me name this little guy

  9. LAL

    Advice: Separating bonded cats, less than a year old

    Does your wife wear perfume or other scents that you don't? Maybe she doesn't smell right?
  10. LAL

    COMPETITION: Picture of the Month - June 2020 - Glamourpuss!

    Melody was ready for her closeup! Entry
  11. LAL

    ADVICE NEEDED: possible cat hoarder neighbor

    I'm also concerned about the most elderly woman. Her health could be greatly at risk.
  12. LAL

    You Know You Care More About Your Cats Than About Yourself When . . .

    First thing, even before peeing🚽
  13. LAL

    5 week old kitten

    Her forehead makes me think of Stripe from the first Gremlins movie...But I'm sure her demeanor will be much more pleasant
  14. LAL

    my parents refuse to take my cat to the vet

    Is there a neighbor that you can ask for help? A classmate with a driver's license? Can you call the nearest ASPCA or Humane Society shelter and ask for help it advice?
  15. LAL

    Do you talk to your cat in the third person [feline??]?

    I find myself telling Melody that, 'I don't need a kitty in the refrigerator' [where her kibble is kept], or, 'kitties don't need need that' [insert whatever], or, 'I could use a kitty up here to snuggle'. Do other people do this? Talk to their cat without using the cat's name and just saying...
  16. LAL

    Kibble soup

    The assassin cats have heard you and are on their way; run while you can!!
  17. LAL

    How is everyone's Quarantine with your cats going?

    Melody is taking extra precautions
  18. LAL

    Perplexing cat behaio

    I think she is just enjoying the more interesting smells coming from outside. Mine sits by any open (screened) door or window by preference.