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    Advice On Extra Calories For Overly Thin Cat

    I've had 6+ cats over the years. One was quite thin as a 1 year old, the vet said he was the "ideal cat weight" even if he felt a bit skinny to us. As a 6 year old, that cat is now long and lean, feels just right. Our other cat though, approaching two, is a whole other thing. She is happy...
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    Embarrassing/Awful Cat Stories

    Prize if you can beat this one: My cat Pip likes to sit behind me on the chair when I'm working. She is sweet and likes being around people, but is just genetically a tad skittish, and that is the spot she likes. I'll tolerate it for a bit sometimes, and pet her behind my back without...
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    Food Behavior

    Here is an interesting one that makes no sense. I'm working from home these days, and my two cats get, and have pretty much always gotten, 4 meals a day. A handful of dry for breakfast, 1/2 can for lunch, 1/2 can for dinner and handful of dry at bedtime in the same bowl with any left over...
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    Air Locking Alternatives

    Clyde has become completely and totally fearless of any and all door antics we do. Stomping feet, air kicks, he may back up a few feet, but he keeps his eyes on the prize. Last night, we knew we should pick him up, but I was helping my wife, and she had already made him go into evasive mode...
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    Cats miss me or circadian rythms?

    Now that I'm back to work (from home) I'm noticing even more so something I was already aware of, that my cats are desperate to crawl all over me when I first get up and start working from 7-9 am. I try to be especially patient with the skittish one, but work is work, the keyboard is a big no...
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    My 1 Y.O. Just Jumped Up On Second Floor Balcony Railing

    She isn't even a jumper or a climber. I can't easily build anything, its too big of a railing and it would be too unsightly. Just hoping she never does it again. She looked a bit confused about what to do up there, so I slowly went to her and got her down. I don't recall if I've ever had a...
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    There Is No Good Evidence That Felliway Does Anything

    Y'all know that cough syrup has been **proven** to do nothing to help a cough in humans right? People continue buying it though. Felliway doesn't have studies large enough to disprove its value, so its not exactly in the same situation. And its plaussible that hormones *could* have an effect...
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    How Thin Is Too Thin?

    So I've had I think 6 cats over the last few decades, and oddly enough, the only two that aren't food motivated I have now. When he was younger, the vet said teh 5 y.o. had "the ideal cat figure" which the wife thought was hysterical. He has filled out some, and you'd now say more lean and...
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    I Learned A New Lap Cat Creation Trick

    My one year old Pip is very sweet and bonded, but a little skittish. She will run to the bedroom when I go up there, and likes to sit behind me on my chair. I've never been able to get her on the lap though. Part of it might be that because of the pandemic, I spend some mornings in boxers and...
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    Do Cats Eat More When It Gets Cold?

    My two lean non-food motivated cats seem to be eating a bit more this month. Guessing thats a normal seasonal thing? I've never really noticed it with prior cats, but these two eat so little its more noticeable?
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    Blacklight Question

    Its been years since I owned one, but I just used one down in my basement and I'm puzzled. I dont remember two different colors. I have some spots that are glowing yellow and look like clear biologic residue of some kind (vomit for most) and I have other spots that are blue but not solid, like...
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    Does this sound like a fun morning?

    1. Dentist 2. Buy blacklight and jug of Petzyme Ugh, I'm actually not sure which is worse. Its been a long time since we have had a pee problem. Its cheaper than the dentist I guess, but they tend to linger something aweful.
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    Any tips for next steps on leash walking training?

    My cat loves the outdoors and will happily run off for hours if given the slightest chance. He doesn't especially mind having the leash put on him. He doesn't seem to especially mind being outside on the leash, although he may take a few minutes to start moving, which is significant given how...
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    Good Harness/Leash Choice?

    So I have a converted indoor/outdoor cat that escapes once every couple of weeks. He is just really smart, clever and fearless about it. Its long past the point where we hope he'll stop. He isn't going to stop escaping, not ever. Maybe he will take a break for winter, thats about it. The...
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    Maybe I need an air horn?

    So my 1 yr old has this habit which I worry might be dangerous. When I use the treadmill, she bats at the moving tread from the back. Its a firmly set notion -- if I go use the treadmill, she wants to do this. The thing is big enough that I'm not going to step on her, and I think the belt is...
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    Are cats with more whiskers more skittish?

    I have an 8 month old home-raised kitten that is very fond of us. She is still rather skittish with us, however. She will run to the bed if I go into the bedroom, but she doesn't like to be too close, and will scoot a bit further way after some petting. She likes to come on the back of my...
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    Cat Allergy: What Are The Odds?

    Pip is our 6th cat, historically speaking. She is now around 7 months old. As our first medium hair cat (all the others were domestic shorthairs), she is shedding way more than we have ever dealt with in the past now that its warm. We swiffer every other day and get what feels like a pillows...
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    Cat Exposed To Ticks

    My former indoor/outdoor cat was converted maybe 6 months ago, but will likely never stop escaping now and then. He is very vigilant about it and will exploit any moment of weakness. Wherever he goes, there are ticks. Today, I got distracted by an amazon package when returning from a job, and...
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    Pee By Side of Toilet Mystery

    So my 14 year old son is known to rush at the toilet. However, for many months now we have been getting a bit of pee on the left side of the toilet back on the left side sort of behind the bowl a tad. I just don't know that it is biomechanically possible for it to be my son. I don't think I...
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    Seasonal Cat Shedding Question

    So ... we spend a lot on heat and AC because the wife is insistent, so our house is a fairly constant temperature, more or less. I recall our indoor/outdoor shedding more in the heat of true summer, and seem to vaguely recall our past indoor only kitties shedding more in summer as well. Its...