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    Neuter incision healed?

    Hi so it’s been 11 days after neuter and I think my cats incision has healed but I wanted to make sure it has so I’ve included some pictures. Also is it okay if he starts jumping now? He jumped a few times yesterday and it looks the same. In addition is it okay if I switch back to clay litter...
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    What’s the best pet insurance?

    I’ve been looking for pet insurance but it’s really overwhelming and I’m just wondering if any one has any good or bad experiences with a particular pet insurance
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    Why does my cat dig on me?

    I noticed today that my cat keeps trying to dig on my shorts that I’m wearing. He’s not kneeling literally trying to dig. Does anybody know why?
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    Is my cats neuter incision infected?

    I don’t know if this is the right place to put this question but it’s been 4 days since his neuter and I checked it tonight and it looks like this and I’m really worried bc I’m poor and I did everything I could by putting him a cone on and not letting him jump and I even sleep on the floor to...