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    To Spay Or Not

    Now please hear me out before you slam the books on me, :lol:. Some of you here may know of my cat Mouse, she's allergic to most common food proteins, flea bites and and dust. She's about 3 years old now and she's never had a heat cycle. I have talked this over with my Vet and I'm just looking...
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    Fleas Help!!

    So, this year has been absolutely horrible with fleas. :gaah: Ticks, so and so but fleas, my goodness, they will not die! I've used Advantage II on the cats and dogs, raid flea and tick on carpets, DE powder in the beds and vacuuming twice daily most days. I do have carpet. I did use flea...
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    Stocking Up On Flea And Tick Products In Bulk

    I usually purchase three months worth of flea products for my cats in bulk online but recently the place I have purchased from discontinued doing so. I have looked on ebay and haven't found any trustworthy sellers. I am wondering where I can get my needed items now. Amazon sells advantage but...
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    Pet Bucket

    I found this site when looking for another source of buying in bulk flea medicine and I was wondering if anyone has purchased from them? The company seems to be based in London but doesn't have a lot of information and they don't accept paypal. :/
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    Lump Under Cat's Jaw

    Well recently, within the past few days I've noticed my cat Whiskers has a lump on the left side under his jaw and it's gotten a bit larger. I don't think its an infection and I'm worried due to his age, he's just turned 13. Feb 12th, that it could possibly be cancer. He won't let me open his...
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    Removing Urine Smell

    I've been using Nature's Miracle for quite awhile but recently its not been working as well as it used to. I can still smell urine but with a perfume floral scent as well. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone have any recommendations for an enzyme cleaner that's reasonably priced but works...
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    Sick Kitties

    Several here know that I care for multiple kitties, my own house kitties,my outdoor kitties and some garage kitties. The problem we're having since Tuesday evening, all house kitties but one and all garage kitties are vomiting all their food and bile. As far as I can tell, the outside ones have...
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    Making An All-beef Or All- Pork Cat Food

    I am needing a little help. I am not looking to mix any poultry in this food. I am wanting to make an all beef or all pork protein for my cat Mouse as buying I and Love and You is getting very expensive as they are now becoming a hard to locate brand in stores around me. My cat Mouse is allergic...
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    Do we have a forum for sharing cat crafts for cats and their people? I searched in the search bar but didn't really find a thread it would be proper to put it. I'd like a thread to share crafts and ideas for making things pertaining to cats for them and those that love them. I thought it would...
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    Cat Allergic To Most Common Proteins

    My youngest cat Mouse, is allergic to fish, chicken, and turkey. So far the only meat she can eat is beef. I live in a smaller town and there are only feed supply stores and they don't sell any novel protein cat foods. I can order online from chewy but the issue I am having is she is...
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    Fiv Positive Cat And Vaccines

    One of my kitties, Mr. Crispy, has tested positive for FIV. He's only ever had his rabies vaccine. I am wondering if anyone here has any experience with FIV+ cats and vaccinations? He is an indoor/outdoor kitty, but only in his fenced yard. He lives with the rest of my cats whom happen to be...
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    Cat Allergic To Fish

    It's been awhile since I have posted a thead on here. So my youngest house kitty, Mouse has had allergies to fleas for quite awhile, this year, we got the fleas under control. Then she started chewing her fur something awful, long story short, she is allergic to fish as well. So that pretty much...
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    Building of a Cat Play Yard?

    Okay, so I am wanting to build my kitties a fenced in play yard so they can go outside at will but only so far. I am debating if I should just buy a premade dog kennel and put a lid and a roof on it or can I possibly make a bigger one from scratch and use wooden posts instead of chain link...
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    What Brand of Enzyme Cleaner Do You Use?

    I am looking for a new enzyme cleaner because nature's best is not working for me anymore. One of my males keeps remarking the spot. He's been checked by vet no urinary issues, I am scooping boxes twice daily, no change in litter brand/type, no new cats. The only thing I could think of that set...
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    2 Year Old Kitty With Anemia

    Well, it's been awhile since I've posted. Several days ago one of the kitties, Tom, was not his usual self one evening and he was no better the next morning so off to the vet we went, he spent the whole day there, and come to find there was a mass in his belly and the dr was not entirely sure...
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    I'm starting this thread to post freebies and cat deals that I find across the internet. I'll post if its US only since this site is quite large. :)
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    I had debated a long time whether or not I should share his story. It may not seem much to others since he was a community cat but even so, his story deserves to be told. I lost him due to urinary blockage but this story will not be about his death, it will be about the life he lived.  I had...
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    Re: Removal of Tom Cat Urine Odor

    Alright, I have a colony of 34 cats, nineoor and everyone else outside. we went up a bit in numbers this year. the recent two, intact tom cats which are no longer intact. I keep them indoors with my special-needs cats and they get along fine, the only issues I'm having with them is their...
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    Semi-Feral Cat Has Mats

    One of my barn kitties, she's about 6 yrs old fluffed out beautifully for the winter. She looked like a lion with the full mane except she is black. Anyways, this is the first year that its matted around her ears and under her chin. She usually lets me lightly pet her when I am armed with...
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    Using Chunks of Raw Meat Versus Ground

    So far all the raw food I've ever made was run through a meat grinder, ground finely and frozen. Now I took in an ill kitty and she refuses most all wet, just a lick or two, never enough for a meal. I even broke down and offered any dry food and still not enough for a meal. I was syringe feeding...