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    My new big baby

    As a lot of you will remember my British short hair kitten that got out and just vanished. I hope that someone got her and is looking after her well. As time went on l missed so much not having cat round the house. Through a friend l heard of a Russian blue who's owner had 5 kids under 6 and she...
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    Help!!!! Daisy is missing!!!!

    A carer must have left the door open and Daisy has gone, my neigbours have looked all over and l have left doors and window open. The last l saw was her belting round the front of my flat, if it had been though the gardens at the back l think the birds would have slowed her down as she watches...
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    kids and cats HELP

    What a morning, my grand daughters came to see me, l don't see them so much now there teenagers so was glads to see them, now l wish they hadn't come  The youngest of the two asked if she could find Daisy in her safe room., l said no and explained why but they know all about Daisy and how l am...
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    Save your money on toys

    I like other cat owners have spent a fortune on cat toys. There is always a new one come out that we have to have. But in the future buy a box of straws, This morning l switched the cats me-ow on as Daisy was making a noise next to it. Then l went into the kitchen and when l came back she was...
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    New dried food

    .Well will send this again, it just flew of when l put my name at the bottom, don't you hate it when you have just  have finished. Wanted to say how good the new dried food called Lily's kitchen in crunches or nibbles, the nibbles is in a tall round tin. I noticed how god the smell is, just...
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    Think like a cat

    I have bought lots of cat books and most of them just tell you stuff you know but l saw the book 'Think like a Cat' by Pam Johnson  Bennett and thought this would be my last cat book. When l got it l gave all the others to the charity shop as think like a cat covered everything from birth and...
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    Keeping cats safe Question

    Now the UK  is baking hot l have been looking online for something to put on the windows to keep my Daisy safe Last year l got a mesh with magnetic closers on but it fell apart in two weeks.Daisy loves looking in the gap were l have one window opened open but am checking up all the time to see...
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    Valerian and cats

    Has anyone given there cat VALERIAN compound liquid for a nervous cat, as most of you know Daisy wasn't socialized at all. She is getting along but still a lot to do and was wondering if its as good as people say. To make matters worse am having my central heating brought up to date as there is...
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    How do l take after-op collar off ? / it's DONE

    I hope one of you has a miracle answer You that have heard of Daisy's problems will realize that l  am gong to have a problem in three days time when her collar has to come of. She will not come near me when she hasn't. had a op so what l an going to do l don't know. When she came home...
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    my cat doen't like my new hairstyle

    Daisy was just getting a lot better and trusting me and was playing with me but every thing went backwards since l had my hair done curly. At first l couldn't understand why she was running away from me and turning her heard and looking t me with eyes wide open, she was doing this a lot.and...
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    Anyone heard about this

    I am searching for a safe sedative for  Daisy so l can get her into her pet carrier to go to the vet to be neutered. I only thought there was Feliway and hadn't got any were with using it. But a kind member emailed me about Composure and the feedback was fantastic. But l was wondering if anyone...
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    Is this cat in heat?

    Hi As l have always had male cats or ones that have been spayed  l am not to sure about  it.  As  most of you know Daisy was,nt socialized when l got her and as she has improved a lot she still wont let me catch her and won't go in her carrier and l don't want to spoil what she is doing plus l...
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    Special Cats Meow Toy

    Anyone like me having a cat that wasn't socialized get the cat meow toy. It has helped so much. She wouldn't come out the bedroom and l couldn't get to her being disabled but the second time l put it on she was out playing with it, it brought her sitting near me and being with me and other...
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    what is best pet ins

    Think i may be in the wrong place but went round the others and couldn't find the question. What it is ,Whats the best cat insurance in the UK. Been on two compare sites but they want all your details as well as the cats like what rent do you pay and  all sorts of private questions. Jill
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    14 month old cat still hiding from me and can't touch her after 7 weeks. :(

    II am a bit confused, my kitten after bringing her home from breeder rang into my bedroom and hid somewhere in my painting corner, still don't know were about she is but hear her in the corner, She is 14 months old and have had her 7 weeks. Still sleeping all day and out playing all night. Eats...
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    need help with hiding kitten

    I got a British short hair3cat 3 weeks ago, was told by the breeder     she was loving and calm, she had been the smallest kitten when born so she kept her till 8 months. I paid what l had saved £350. When we got home my my friend tipped tipped her out of the carrier, from then she rang into...