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  1. BellaGooch

    One has to Go

    For me it would be the chocolate chip. Controversial, I know, but covid messed up my sense of taste. If they tasted normal, I would say peanut butter. What would you choose?
  2. BellaGooch

    Watery Eye

    Hello! I’m hoping that I’m just overreacting, but I figured I’d post this anyway. A few minutes ago, I noticed that Eden’s eye is watery. I’ve been gone all day so I haven’t really seen her to know when it started. My parents don’t want to take her to the vet. Any advice is greatly appreciated...
  3. BellaGooch

    Cat Embroidery

    Hello everyone! I have a question for the embroiderers here: My good friend is putting her cat down tomorrow, and I want to embroider her cats’ face onto something, but I don’t know what. I don’t want to do a towel or a shirt, and I can’t think of anything else. I apologize in advance; I’m...
  4. BellaGooch

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers here on TCS. Hope you all have a great day 🤗:bouquet:
  5. BellaGooch

    Sleep and Insomnia

    Anyone else here struggle with insomnia? I’ve basically unintentionally pulled three all nighters in a row. (with naps included, I’ve gotten about eight hours in the last three nights.) I have a weighted blanket, I try to be off screens a couple hours before, I’ve tried melatonin, baths...
  6. BellaGooch

    Pants on the Car

    Just thought I’d share some photos :) We currently have a car on cement in the driveway and Pants thought it would be a great place to lay. Despite the fact that he is an adult cat and is a timid semi feral, he is really a kitten at heart and was playing by himself on the roof. He usually...
  7. BellaGooch

    How do I fix Fizzy Lemon Cake Batter? SOS

    Hello! Im attempting to make a lemon cake, but the batter tastes fizzy. I only have a couple of hours to make it, so I confess I rushed and forgot to take the milk out of the fridge until late so the milk is kind of cold. It’s ready to go into the oven, but it tastes fizzy.Why did this happen...
  8. BellaGooch

    Beastie Bands

    Hello there! A while ago I posted a thread asking about cat collars that would breakaway if the cat was in a dire duration but be strong enough to not fall off easily and someone recommended to me the Beastie Band. I finally got around to ordering it and it’s made of neoprene. (They also sent...
  9. BellaGooch

    Missing Cat

    Hello there. I know that this is a frequently asked question, but I’m beside myself with worry. Apologies in advance because this will probably be a long post. One of my outdoor cats has been missing for about two days. She hasn’t been here at feeding times or during the day, and I’ve checked...
  10. BellaGooch

    Semi- Feral Cat Looks Overweight

    Hello all! As some of you might now, I have a semi-feral cat named Pants. He is not entirely trusting of me- He’ll usually only let me pet him when there’s food. He currently lives outside. He has a little lean-to shed that he stays in pretty much all day. Another thing to note is that this cat...
  11. BellaGooch

    Cat Facts!

    I don't know about you guys, but I love random trivia, especially cat trivia! This is a thread dedicated to posting your favorite cat facts/facts related to cats! one of my favorite cat facts is that Isaac Newton invented the cat door because his cat kept scratching at the door to be let out/in...
  12. BellaGooch

    New Years Resolutions

    Every year, most people make New Years resolutions. I'm hoping that perhaps creating a thread will be helpful and help keep me accountable :lol: I want to do the stereotypical eat healthy, exercise more, be more productive,etc. So what are some of your New Years resolutiona that you'd like to...
  13. BellaGooch

    Picky Eater vs. Wet Food

    Hello, everyone! One of my cats, Eden, doesn't seem to be fond of wet food, despite her trying different flavors, variations, etc. I know that wet food is obviously much more nutritional than dry food, but this girl refuses to eat anything but dry food. Her water intake seems sufficient, so my...
  14. BellaGooch

    What's Your GRINCH Name?

    Slithering Sinful Sot 😉 Loving the alliteration! :lol:
  15. BellaGooch

    No Notification Alerts

    I haven't been consistently recieving the alerts for people quoting me, tagging me, replying to a watched thread, or reacting to my posts. I thought at first that it was because maybe I hadn't been active on a thread for a while, which is why I wasn't getting alerts, but thats not it as I won't...
  16. BellaGooch

    Post Your Different Pets Together!

    I searched for a thread like this and couldn't find one (unless I missed it!), so here we go! My dog, Fisher, and cat, Willow, are best friends. They eat together, play together, and cuddle together. Also, my kitty Bella, who crossed the rainbow bridge last year, enjoyed the company of our...
  17. BellaGooch

    Anybody Else do Stiching?

    I started doing embroidery this past summer as a new hobby to do doing quarantine. I find it to be a pleasant hobby while listening to music or watching tv. I'm not the greatest at it but I've managed to freehand a couple of shirts and a mask, and for Christmas Im stiching a pouch for one of my...
  18. BellaGooch

    Items at Top of Page No Longer Showing "What's New"

    Usually the buttons at the top of the page include "What's New?" but it haasn't incldued that for a little while. I initially thought that perhaps it was just a temporary glitch or that the site hadn't fully loaded, but I've refreshed the site several times and have given it plently of time to...
  19. BellaGooch

    Continue the Story Game!

    To start, one person writes one line of a story: For example, "Once upon a time there lived a cat who loved mice." Then, the next person posts the next one line of the story that they come up with: example, "Despite the traditional predatory nature of cats, she was friends with all of the mice...
  20. BellaGooch

    Depressed & Anxious Dog in Pain... What to do?

    Hello, everyone! This post is partially a question and partially a rant. We took our labrador, Fisher, to get neutered on Monday. After his surgery, the vet- long story short- told us that he couldn't find anything, meaning that the surgery was pointless. Weird, but whatever. He told us that...