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  1. artiemom

    Name Three Things - 2021

    Yesterday was just an 'off' day for me. Not planned that way... just happened. Today: * up early for Mass * managed to do 2 loads of laundry---takes a couple of hours, up and own floors to laundry room * changed sheets, put clean bedspread and shams on bed * dry Swiffered floors I still have...
  2. artiemom

    What's For Dinner? - 2021

    @LTS3 , Oh so sorry to hear about the market. It really stinks. There are so many mom & pop stores which have succumbed to the Pandemic. It is really sad. I end up getting my produce at eight Market Basket, or Trader Joes.. I know.. But the packaged organic salad stuff is Olivias Organics. My...
  3. artiemom

    Question of the Day, Friday, September 17

    I used to make a ton of soup when my dad was alive. My mom made the best soups, from scratch.; using the bones to make a hearty broth base, along with a chuck steak, in it, for flavor and meat. My favorite was tomato soup. When I had a garden, I would use my garden tomatoes, instead of...
  4. artiemom

    Ammonia smelling urine

    Do you think it could just be embedded in the box! I guess et a new litter box, every year. I wash the box twice, with Blue Dawn at each change. I always put new litter in it. Just my opinion., but I think non-clumping litter holds on to the urine smell. How old is Boone? Even though...
  5. artiemom

    All Thing Books And Reading Thread 2021

    These books sound so interesting. I am kind of taken with WWII stories. Yes, I am now reading: Her Last Flight. It does jump around a bit.. From the 1930's, to post WWII Kind of interesting, and an easy read. Once I start reading, I do not want to stop, until my eyes get a bit tired. It is a...
  6. artiemom

    What's For Dinner? - 2021

    They had a new item on the menu: flatbread pizza. It was not bad. Some flatbread, with a bit of tomato sauce some sliced fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and a tiny bit of mozzarella. It was a bit bland-just needed more basil or even some oregano on it They also had an intriguing Penne with creamy...
  7. artiemom

    The Positive Thread 2021

    Beautiful! New Guinea Impatients and Begonias! I used to plant them every year.. always a different color scheme, each year.
  8. artiemom

    FIP Felv advice please

    I am so sorry for your loss. That sounds meaningless, unless the author has gone through it, themselves. I have, and I am so sorry. I have no words of advice, just ((( Hugs)))) money thing I wanted to point out: if you got your little Angel from a breeder, or any place where they have...
  9. artiemom

    Question of The Day. Sunday 12th of September

    When I was younger, I thought I could buy a new car in my own. I was so wrong. I lik d the “look” of the car. Was not prepared. I thought I would just be “looking “. I ended up buying it, right then and there. I was naive. My family was so mad at me! It was a long time ago, before the...
  10. artiemom

    Great news!

  11. artiemom

    Name Three Things - 2021

    I am better. Thanks for caring! It was not a good week. Not at all.. Positive point: The week is at an end and a new one will begin. @Mia6 How have you been doing? I have not seen you around for a bit....
  12. artiemom

    Question of the Day, Friday, September 10

    I used to be a “card” person. Then I discovered the e-cards. Now, it is mostly when someone passes or have a serious illness. I do send out Christmas Cards; but just to immediate family and good friends. too expensive phone calls are more in Vogue
  13. artiemom

    Name Three Things - 2021

    @Winchester ok....sigh, sob, sob..... maybe next time! yesterday was such a day. Did not start off bad, but went out with a bag! *Regular morning stuff *brushed Geoffrey a bit... gave him laxatone *out to hairdressers and then an iced coffee *on the way home, I was antsy. Sitting on...
  14. artiemom

    Name Three Things - 2021

    I am right on the BEACH! the beach is across the street from me!! Tons of kite surfers tonight! Fried clams next door! Pizza a few doors down!! Geoffrey would be hiding under the bed! We could play bocce in the courtyard!! Really good Italian food!!! Just think about it!! Is...
  15. artiemom

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    Good.. just Vent away!! We are here!!
  16. artiemom


    It was indelibly imprinted on my memory.. It was really worse, living through it, than my recollections of that day...
  17. artiemom


    I will never forget that day.. never... It was our generation's equivalent of the bombing of Pearl Harbor---never forget. I was working in Boston, in a teaching hospital, commuted by train... It was a Tuesday Morning.. a gorgeous day: bright skies, pretty clouds, nice early fall weather. Our...
  18. artiemom

    Name Three Things - 2021

    Make a detour along the coast!! Stop by!!! Would love to see you!!!
  19. artiemom

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    @KarenKat I am sorry to hear about the GD. it is a tough thing to go through. ((((Hugs))). I feel for you. I also know that in this stage of preg, the hormones are going wild: and sleep is almost nonexistent. But try to pick up on some positives. Your doctor caught this. You have it...
  20. artiemom

    My cat just chills?

    Geoffrey is a cuddle cat. Sounds as if your baby is one, also. not a lap cat. He was, during last winter, but not this year. I miss that. But he is always cuddling with me, on the bed. We call each other when we want to cuddle. I think cats do change as they age. Geoffrey is 5 years...