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  1. StefanZ

    Unsure if my cat is pregnant

    Probably she is. Or else time for a vet visit and check up. Had she had litters before?
  2. StefanZ

    what breed /s do you think he is ?

    Agree. A good pic from the side would help.
  3. StefanZ

    2 week old kitten with diarrhoea

    OK, Pet o lac is good enough. If it works well for you, no need to seek something else. BUT if you were forced to change, goats milk is often a good alternative. And raw goats milk has even some potential healthy properties.
  4. StefanZ

    2 week old kitten with diarrhoea

    The usual kitchen salt is OK to begin with, but if you can get a minerale kitchen salt, ie with bigger amount of potassium and magnesium, its even better. ie Na, K, Mg... Here in Sweden this salt is easy to find, in New Zeeland they have something similiar too. If you cant find it so...
  5. StefanZ

    Concerned cat mom

    Sometimes the birth are even days apart. Do watch closely, be sure you know where vet is. But as long she is good, no visible problems, you can wait and see.
  6. StefanZ

    kitten bites me and i have no idea why

    Its sometimes play and sometimes love bites...
  7. StefanZ

    2 week old kitten with diarrhoea

    Which formula do you use? Do you have access to goats milk - or even - raw goats milk?
  8. StefanZ

    Featured Feral gave birth and we got them

    Some answers. 7g raise is ok, the others - you may wait and see one day, but prepare to supplement them. As they have momma, its not sure they will wanna bottle. You may find its easier with a needleless syringe, or a dropper. - This is a little tricky, so train at first. But still, may be...
  9. StefanZ

    2 week old kitten with diarrhoea

    Have a little extra salt in the formula. Having diarrhea they lose salts. Perfect consistency is toothpaste texture.
  10. StefanZ

    My 14 day old (?) kitten still hasn't opened his eyes, should I be worried?

    He isnt much furry on this photo. So I suspect he is a little premature. Not VERY premature, he would prob die without extremely good care if much premature. But as premature to make it natural for the eyes to open later than average. Unless the eyes are full of pus, or you have reason to...
  11. StefanZ

    Premature kitten

    Yes you can try with a droplet on the gum inside the lip. Continue with thries to handfeed! Ps. The yellowish is a point "siamese mix"
  12. StefanZ

    Premature kitten

    They are just 2, so the little one shouldnt be disturbed by the biggy. But IF you notice he is disturbed, make sure he has an alone quality time with momma... Handfeeding home has the big advantage; if they are weak and dont manage to suckle enough from momma. but its easier to eat from...
  13. StefanZ

    Help pregnant cat

    If she has dropped its definitely near.
  14. StefanZ

    Help pregnant cat

    Seems to be near! Has she droped, ie suddenly looks less big?
  15. StefanZ

    Rescued kittens fighting

    Yes I agree. Separate them for time being. Kyo means no harm, but Yuki is too small for these wrestling matches...
  16. StefanZ

    Kittens getting diarrhea, could be stress?

    Everything is possible. Including new blackie carrying some parasites, but himself symptom free... Anyway, be sure they get extra salts now.
  17. StefanZ

    Any way to tell what color/pattern the dad was?

    The black tom is the main suspect. He may even have some white spot. If neither momma or daddy are heterozygot on white spot, some kitten will be solid black. He is prob shorthair, although he may be longhair. Momma is apparently NOT homozygot as tabby. So just some few of kittens get her...
  18. StefanZ

    Found kitten, advice needed!

    Tell me. Cocoa oil working fine with weak cats and such, I can easily believe. yes, Im buying it for now as my working hypothesis. Tx! Im living on keto, and cats are essentially ketosians. Much protein and fat, and very little carbo. They are normally low carbo eaters. Even if they prob...
  19. StefanZ

    Bulging Vulva

    Re cleft palate. The chances arent terribly good, but they can sometimes by saved by hand feeding. If so they dont need to suckle, its enough they can swallow. With any luck, no surgery is necessary, at least not at once. Perhaps later on when occasion aries, say when he is neutered.