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  1. catluvr321

    Jokes that I Made and Say Your Own!

    Share some cat jokes here! It will be lots of fun! Here are some of mine... Q. What do cats listen to on the radio? A. MEWsic! :clap: Q. What type of feedback do cats like to hear? A. PAWsitive feedback! :clap:
  2. catluvr321

    Cat/Cats going to the bathroom outside litter boxes and one cat scratching furniture. HELP!

    Please help! At least one of my cats are going to the bathroom outside their litter boxes.  They or it go under mats and under or on a shoe tray. One cat is also scratching furniture. I bought NO Lion Tamer spray for the furniture. For more information on the litter box problem, please go to...
  3. catluvr321

    New Cat's Palace 2

    I haven't done this in a while. Here some things : Talk about cats Do the poll Note: This happens every week Have fun! :wavey:
  4. catluvr321

    Isabella - Dead for about 2 years

    My 6 year old cat, Isabella, died about 2 and a half years ago. I miss her a lot. You mwy know how I feel when I say how she died. Isabella got hit by a car. Her spine broke but she was still alive. I had to have her put down. Now she is in that bog cat party in the sky. RIP Isabella. If...
  5. catluvr321

    Are You Having a Bad Day?

    If you are, you'd better go to because it will make you happy! If you don't believe me, go to this site yourself.:rub:
  6. catluvr321

    At Least One of My Cats is Going to the Bathroom around My House. HELP!

    I have 2 cats.  At least 1 of them is going to the bathroom around my large house.  Here is some info if you need it.. - Calico and Tabby cats - Female - Large house - 2 litter boxes (1 in bathroom; other in entry room [with cat food and water across from it]) - Has been happening almost...
  7. catluvr321

    How to Train your Cat to do Tricks

    This is how to help train your cat to sit and do high "paw". Level 1: Sit                                                             Level 2: High Paw 1. Get cat treats and your cat.                                                                                                          ...
  8. catluvr321

    New Cats Palace

    Welcome new cats! We do many fun things like get to know each other, talk about cats, and take a poll! I change the poll every week. So, welcome!  I   s                (p.s. you do not need to be new.)
  9. catluvr321

    Hi! I am Catluvr321 and I am new!

    Hi! I am Catluvr321. I am new. I have 3 cats: 1-Winnie, 2-Cali, and 3-Isabella (who passed away). You can read about them in their cat pages.  I also need help finding out what breed Cali is. You can answer on my forum. I am making an album of cats who passed away so post your cats who passed...
  10. catluvr321

    What is my cat Cali?

    I think that she is a calico, tortoiseshell, or both. She is in the pic. Thnks.