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    A minute of your time, please? My friend Poppy passed away nearly two months ago now (jeeze, it's two months a week on Sunday!) from anaphylactic shock caused by an insect bite. She was just 19. Poppy was as selfless a person as you'd ever meet. Nothing was ever too much for her if it...
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    Really Cute Cat Quotes

    "After scolding one's cat one looks into its face and is seized by the ugly suspicion that it understood every word. And has filed it for reference."- Charlotte Gray Ohh yes, we know that look!
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    Oh, it's a hard life being a white kitty cat sometimes...

    Ahaha, no, I prefer to keep my blood in my body! They're both the most docile cats you'll ever meet... Neither have ever raised a paw to any human (each other is a different story though!) but start running a bath with them in the bathroom and they both run! They do a pretty good job of...
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    Should we sun cream them?

    Having two white mogs, we were advised way back when they were kittens to always try and sun cream up their ears and nose when they went out during the summer. Mogs had different ideas and would either just lick it off, or refuse to go outside with it on... So we gave up on that idea. Should we...
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    I can't be the only one...

    Most definitely; a pet is for life no matter if it's a horse, or a hamster. Over here we recently had a bit of a hoohar about someone who told a 15 year old she couldn't buy a hamster; it went to the paper but the shop owner was perfectly legal in refusing the sale because the law states that...
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    Oh, it's a hard life being a white kitty cat sometimes...

    Two different ones - the first one is Snowball, then it's Poppet trying to get into the box They're pretty easy to tell apart IRL - Snowball is much furrier than Pops, whilst Poppet is a short hair and a bit smaller in size. Also, Snowball is commonly found asleep, whilst Poppet is much more...
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    The Positive Post (part 2)

    I have a day off tomorrow = BAKING TIME!
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    Oh, it's a hard life being a white kitty cat sometimes...

    I mean, there's all that posing you have to do! It's ok though, she can just sleep it off in the sunshine... Poppet, on the other hand, prefers to take a more direct approach to life - New box? Little white cat? I do think that makes an award winning combination! "Oh Mum, I think I might...
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    Do Animals go to Heaven?

    Of course they do... There's a phrase bandied around on the horse forum I frequent... "If there are no horses in heaven, then I don't want to go!" I'm not at all religious but I couldn't agree with the statement more. No animals in heaven? I'm not going then!
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    They walk in on me when I pee!

    Yes! Poppet is crazy for this... every morning, without fail, when I go to do my, uh, morning business, she's there, trying to get on my lap - I let her once, and she dug her claws into my bare thigh on the way up, so she gets put down now. If you shower, she also has to be there, licking the...
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    Getting stiff in her back legs

    My two kitties are knocking on a bit now (12 this June), and whilst Poppet is active and moves freely, Snowball seems to hobble a lot more now and often meows as she's jumping up to things - not the happy Brrrrp of her younger years, a proper ouch! sounding meow. She no longer likes her back...
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    How many cat-lovers are also vegetarians or animal rights supporters?

    Very much a meat eater here! Couldn't live without meat. Animal welfare is an important issue to me; but extreme animal rights people scare me :/ (By that I mean the people who want all animals released into the wild including house pets and those who don't agree with riding horses!P)
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    Question of the Day Monday 19th

    I have two. FujiFilm FinePix which is awful and decides not to use the flash even when it's in forced flash mode... or decides to use the flash when it's in suppressed flash mode... It blurs constantly and I hate it I also have a Canon 350D DSLR with three lenses, absolutely love it, wouldn't...
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    Your cats names..who and why?

    Snowball - I was 8. She was a white, fluffy kitten... Need I say more?! She was very nearly Snow White or Bella though, one of my most vivid memories of being younger is sitting in the car having just picked them up going through 'white' themed names! Poppet - My sister thought she looked like...
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    I heard Charlie snoring..

    Interesting - Snowball snores more often than Poppet, but neither are considered overweight any more (they were about four years ago though!), even though Snowball is tubbier than Poppet!
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    So, Your TWO Cats Are Best Buddies?

    Hmm. Both my two were from the same house, taken in at the same time, (which in hindsight was probably a mistake on Poppets part, as she is at least a week younger than Snowball) and they can just about tolerate each other - they don't fight too badly, but every few months Poppet will push...
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    My cat is staring at me

    I stare back... Won a few of the contests, lost a lot more! I hate it when you look up and you just see them staring at you across the room... Paranoid? Me? Never!
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    Hey, back again

    This is my third intro thread I think? Oh dear! Hey, I'm HG90, last time I was here I was about to set off for the grand old world of university! Unfortunatly, life in it's true manner put a few spanners in the works and I dropped out a month or so ago. Lasted 5 months! In a nut shell, I hated...