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    Cat Deterrent For Leather Furniture

    Thanks all. I've seen several products on Amazon and on here and the other posts on here, none of which say safe for leather. He was neutered in August of last year. Spraying a sheet or towel with a deterrent would work but what about the sides of the sofa? He really is such a sweet old boy...
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    Cat Deterrent For Leather Furniture

    Good morning everyone. I have recently brought an previously 10 year old outdoor cat inside. He has been outside for the last three years (since I have been at my home). He belonged to someone previously and they moved and left him. I finally got him neutered and his shots are up to date so he...
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    6 Y/o Feral Male Died In Anesthesia After Surgery Was Completed

    I am so very sorry. My heart saddened to read this. He looks like such a beautiful kitty. I only have some consolation words for you. When horrible things like this happen I always think that maybe this was saving him from a worse fate. I am not sure of your beliefs but either God, your Higher...
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    A Stray No More !!

    He is adorable!
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    Life Threatening Windchill

    I saw someone else post a couple weeks ago saying their temps were -17 and they mentioned their stray kittens come out to eat and were playing. I don't recall what type of shelters they had but I don't think they were as well built and heated like yours are. I know it's hard not to worry, I am...
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    Warming Pad In Stray Cat Shelter?

    I was concerned about the blankets retaining moisture but they have been good. They are in a covered cat crate which is also under a shelter. I don't readily have access to straw, only hay. I check the blankets every couple days
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    Warming Pad In Stray Cat Shelter?

    Thanks, but for me personally, I don't have access to a plug.
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    Warming Pad In Stray Cat Shelter?

    Ah ok. I read where someone else on another feral chat site recommended them. Are the ones you reference matts you have to plug in?
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    Warming Pad In Stray Cat Shelter?

    I'm not sure about the warming Matt you are speaking of but something I do for my outside kitties is order mylar blankets for them. You can find them on Amazon and they are the warming blankets emergency responders use I've had to get creative in using them.because they crinkle and make noise...
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    Not Sure What I Did!

    It's so frustrating when you do something to better their environments only to end up scaring them for whatever reason. Something you may also want to consider is order mylar blankets from Amazon for their houses .They are relatively inexpensive and reflect their body heat so they are pretty...
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    Friend of Ferals Award Badge - Apply Here

    I will check out the links you sent. However since the kitten is around constantly she doesn't stick around as much so I don't see her as often as I did.
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    It Finally Happened!

    Sure thing. Keep us updated .
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    Indoor Cats In Winter

    Yes, putting used little out helps! My Missy got out last year and she had been outside about 6 or 7 hours, I put some used cat litter outside and within an hour she was home. I hope your baby comes home. And, do not worry, remember cats lived for years without human intervention. They...
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    It Finally Happened!

    Good luck! I'm sure you are already aware of this, but be sure to keep Star away from your indoor kitties. I made the mistake of trying to integrate an outside kitten into my home and it turned out he is a carrier of Parvo. My elder kitty came down with Parvo and I had to have her put to sleep...
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    Friend of Ferals Award Badge - Apply Here

    I have always been a cat lover and always fed feral cats but within the last two years it has grown. I moved into a new townhome December of 2017. I was letting my kitties out on an enclosed patio sometimes when I was home. AFter about 6 months, a feral kitten appeared, dark gray and beautiful...
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    How Does Your Cat Take Care Of You?

    He sure does sound like a sweetie. I am sorry you lost him. I hope you can find some peace in what a loving and wonderful home you gave him. I had to have my Missy of 14 years put to sleep 12/23. Day by day it's get a bit better but grief comes in waves and catches you off guard, that's for...