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    Adopting a kitten who has URI - another cat in household.

    Hi there, I applied to adopt a kitten who was born into a foster’s home with the hopes of it being disease free. She was brought to me yesterday with what has been diagnosed as an upper respiratory infection. I’ve kept her separate from my other cat, but I’m truly very concerned of my cat...
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    Hot spot? Ring worm?

    I’m fostering a 9 month old kitten who had a healthy coat until 5 days ago. Is it possible to tell from photos what this could be? Vets aren’t open until next week.
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    Scratches on kitty’s nose from playing. Will the fur grow back?

    My 3 year old cat has been playing with our 5 month old foster kitten. The foster kitten comes out of his room twice a day for socialization, and the cats are playing not aggressively fighting. But my cat has picked up many battle wounds from these play sessions, and I’m concerned the fur on his...
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    Balding bumps on cat’s ear

    My 2 year old cat had a bump on his ear that seemed to be balding, and now he has two. I’ve seen a lot of inconclusive posts of what could be the cause of them. I know that the best thing to do would be to see a vet, but he has some vet trauma from a kitten ailment and he goes from a sweet...