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    Hi Antonio! I had the I 131 treatment done for my cat. I didn’t know anything about the Scintigraphy. Her first follow up appointment is mid April. She doesn’t have very much energy at all. Sleeps way more than she used to. A different cat. Should I be worried? Do you think she could be...
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    Radioactive Therapy For Hyperthyroidism

    Thank you so much, Molly. You are helping me. May ask you one question? (If this makes sense) Is this total experience like an X-ray or is it like an X-ray over and over again every time I touch her, hold her, walk in a room, take a breath? Do that makes sense? I think that is what is sending me...
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    Radioactive Therapy For Hyperthyroidism

    Thanks for replying antonio65 and Molly92. I don’t know what to say. When I found out my precious fur baby was hyperthyroid no one could talk me out of the active iodine treatment. I never thought twice about it. It seems now I AM panicking. I am with her 24/7 in a very small house. She makes...
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    Radioactive Therapy For Hyperthyroidism

    Help. I’m scared. My cat was treated with I 131. First day home and i’ve Held her an hour and a half and staying in same room with her. I’m sick to my stomach afraid of what I have done to myself by not following the rules. Can you please tell me what you think. Should I call my doctor?