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  1. Gabrielle93

    Common FIP symptoms?

    My sweet little Maggie will be one year old this Friday, she’s an Abyssinian who came from quite a large household. We are taking her to the vet tomorrow afternoon but I wanted to know if someone could help me understand what are and aren’t symptoms of FIP. Maggie has always been a very...
  2. Gabrielle93

    Good chasing or bad chasing?

    Hi all! We have a 7 month old female Abyssinian and three days ago adopted a 12 week old male Abyssinian (both neutered). We did our best to follow suggestions as to gently introducing them over time, however in a small apartment with two lightening fast cats things didn't go perfectly to plan...
  3. Gabrielle93

    Kitten got spooked and peed on wall, is this normal?

    Hi there! We have a four month old kitten named Maggie. She’s quite a nervous cat, we think because we live next door to construction that she’s constantly spooked by random noises and always a little on edge. Tonight Maggie was sleeping in her window hammock and my partner crawled into the...
  4. Gabrielle93

    Crazy kitten??

    Hello first time posting and would love some advice to know if this is considered unusual behaviour for a kitten - we got an Abyssinian kitten a bit over a week ago and she’s been an absolute angel, sleeping through the night etc no issues. We have lots of play and she seems quite content by...