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  1. kittylove53

    Cat Litter

    I have just tried Arm and Hammer's Slide multi cat formula.It is a clumping litter,and has great odor control.Finally a litter that cleans up easily. It will not stick to the plastic litter boxes.I used to have a very hard time washing out the boxes with regular clumping litters, this one does...
  2. kittylove53

    Omelette crossed over the bridge

    Yes, it has happened my worst nightmare. My beloved Omelette Crossed over The Rainbow Bridge today at around 4:33 pm.She suffered so much when the tumor grew too much for the pills to overcome.I am totally overwhelmed with grief.She was so innocent, trusting, loving ,and the most wonderful kitty...
  3. kittylove53

    Omelette holding on needs further care I can not afford

    Hi everyone!      My six year old Kitty Omelette was seen by a local vet who is 20 miles away from me.I am 63 and on S.S.I. I have no transportation and a very tight budget. Omelette has pleural effusion which is fluid on or surrounding the lungs. The vet took an X-ray, and said she might not...
  4. kittylove53

    Omelette has fluid on lungs hard to see what kind of tumor she has..

    Hi everyone! Happy New Year! Christmas Day I noticed my darling Torti Calli Omelette was breathing in a labored way. This came on suddenly. Having had kitties for many years I knew this was a disaster.Being on a  tight  budget this was a nightmare . I am on S.S.I. The vets here in upstate New...
  5. kittylove53

    New with three kitties

    Hi kittylove53 here. I am fairly new to the site. I have not posted any pictures of my three cats yet because I will need my son to help me with that. I am no wiz at the computer as I am 62.  I have had lots of kitties over the years.  As you can see I don't even know how to move the lines of...