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  1. Youcantseemegrrr

    Tips please

    I had to take my mom's cat in(Coco Snap) due to her unexpected passing. I'm on day 5 of basecamp, site swapping, schedule meals, gifts/scent swaps. I have been trying to get them eat on opposite sides of door upstairs, downstairs opposite ends with a screen in between at the kitchen. But they...
  2. Youcantseemegrrr

    Dr Pol high energy

    Is anyone familiar with Dr Pol high energy chicken food? Edit: Nevermind I see...
  3. Youcantseemegrrr

    Should I or not

    My mom has a cat I visit my mom every other day. Her cat doesn't like other cats. Should I go over with my cat and try to acquaint them or is my brain starting trouble. I've avoided this with my last cat. But with her getting up in age she might come to live with me in years to come. Should I...
  4. Youcantseemegrrr

    Why did the cat go to Antarctica

    Why did the cat go to Antarctica: Because he heard birds there(penguins) dont fly. Gets on airplane thinking "oh this gonna be easy"! Hahahahah
  5. Youcantseemegrrr

    Different purraise symbols

    I see the thumbs up for purraise. How do you choose different symbols I see others use.
  6. Youcantseemegrrr

    How does your cat wake you up

    Does you car demand food in the morning or just want you up. How does your cat wake you up in the morning and why? Mine wakes me up every morning by attacking/ tackling my legs/feet. It starts with the pounce then she dives in full blown attack mode bites, claws and death kicks n all. When my...
  7. Youcantseemegrrr

    Cat insurance

    I'm thinking about getting pet insurance for my Tiger(cat). What are some good companies you have use or familiar with Trupanion etc? Pros/cons if any or what
  8. Youcantseemegrrr

    For the gravy lickers

    My previous cat, Lady Fat Cat was a gravy licker, my one now is a gravy licker. I've probably tried 90% of all the wet foods. Whats funny my mom is in the same boat her cat right now and the previous one are gravy lickers. Whats even funnier she puts the food out not even touched. Sometimes when...
  9. Youcantseemegrrr

    Need help posting video

    I created an album when I try to upload video I get 2 different msgs. "The uploaded file does not have a valid extension" and the other is "could not be uploaded it was not a video as expected." I go to upload media and I run into this. Didn't see a button when I was in my album to upload video.
  10. Youcantseemegrrr

    How to edit

    I don't see a edit button are we able to edit are posts.
  11. Youcantseemegrrr

    Help a man out

    My cat is in heat 8 month half Siamese and half Egyptian Mau, her being in heat is something else. She will spray sometimes multiple times in a hour over and over all day. When I'm not home or cant be around her constantly and sleeping, I keep her in the bathroom were the damage can be cleaned...
  12. Youcantseemegrrr

    Wood vs walnut cat litter

    Was wondering what some of you thought of walnut litter. I've been using okocat soft touch I like it, does track a little but with the vacuum it doesnt bother me. Those who have tried both wood and walnut what did you think.
  13. Youcantseemegrrr

    Food ideas

    Need some ideas from fellow feline people. My little monster says it's time to change food (7 months going on 8) , she continued on luvsome when I got her what they were feeding her (6 months) but got tired which is good because I was planning on switching to better anyway. Went to Instinct...