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    Comment by 'lossy' in article 'Common Foods That Are Harmful To Cats'

    i found this very interesting, who would have thought that Tuna would be harmful to cats. Glad i read this, as i'm trying to switch my cat from a dry food diet to a wet food diet. It would have been very easy to feed him Tuna. Thanks for this article!
  2. lossy

    The Purrrfect Couple

    Aaahhhhh they are beautiful!  That's lovely 
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  6. lossy

    Dennis and I say Hello!

    Hi, yes he seems a bit better.  No crystals apparently, his vet thinks it cystitis. I'm trying to switch him to wet food now, but he's being very difficult and doesn't seem too keen!  I have antibiotics i need to give him from the vet, in his food and i'm just hoping he eats it! He's had an...
  7. lossy

    Dennis and I say Hello!

    Hi all, i've just joined and wanted to say hello to everyone! I read some good advice posted on this site about cats with cystitis or urine infections.  My cat Dennis is 8 years old now and has always had a dry food diet, but recently he began to look distressed and started peeing in strange...
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